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Written by Gail Bjork

Non-rechargeable batteries are convenient but can be more expensive than using batteries that can be charged over and over again.

AA batteriesNot all digital cameras take standard batteries. For those that do, non-rechargeable batteries are convenient to use and most are available for purchase where ever you go.

However, if you take a lot of photographs, using non-rechargeable batteries can be expensive.

Types of non-rechargeable batteries

Alkaline batteries

Alkalines are the most widely available non-rechargeable battery type. They are inexpensive to purchase but not necessarily to use in a digital camera. They are great in a pinch but after about an hour or even less of shooting, they become drained of power.

Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries provide outstanding performance in digital cameras that take them (not all do, so check the camera manual). Though they can not be recharged, lithium batteries have about seven times more power, weigh less than standard alkalines, have a very long shelf life and work well in extreme temperatures.

Nickel oxy hydroxide

Nickel oxy hydroxide batteries provide up to twice the performance of high-end alkaline batteries for close to the same price. These batteries will let you take about two times as many photos as ordinary alkalines.

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