Generic digital camera batteries

Generic batteriesIf you’ve looked at the prices of brand name digital camera batteries sold by the manufacturer of your digital camera, you may get sticker shock. They ain’t cheap!

So, should you buy a non-name brand battery instead?

Non-brand digital camera batteries

Many digital camera users opt to purchase generic batteries that cost considerably less than then brand name. If you decide to get one, do a little homework first.

Battery power ratings

When deciding between off-brand batteries, compare the mAh ratings. mAh, or Milliamp Hour, represents how much power a battery holds. The higher the mAh rating, the more photos can be taken per charge.

Check the specifications in the manual to make sure the rating doesn’t exceed the highest that can be used by your digital camera.

Buying generic batteries

If you decide to buy a generic battery, make sure that it comes with a warranty. Buying from a reputable company that backs up a product provides more confidence.

Make sure the warranty covers a decent time period and also covers defects in material, craftsmanship and normal wear.

Reputable online companies, such as SterlingTek, sell batteries that are 100% compatible with specific digital cameras and guarantee that the battery provides safe operation with it. Prices sell on average 50% or less than if purchasing a name brand battery.

Amazon sells name brand digital camera batteries at a discount, as well as less expensive generics.

Brand-name camera batteries

Some photographers believe it’s worth the extra money to buy a battery from the manufacturer. They feel the batteries are more reliable, have a longer life and are, perhaps, safer. However, others find generic batteries work fine when buying from a reputable company that backs them.

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