Tripod setup

Setting up tripodSetting up a tripod correctly helps ensure that it will provide maximum support and stability for your digital camera.
When using heavy equipment or long telephoto lenses, it’s very important that equipment is balanced on the tripod to prevent the tripod from tumbling over.

The order in which you extend the tripod legs and spread them evenly is important too.

  • When setting up a tripod, begin by spreading and fully extending the thickest leg sections first. Extend the thin leg sections last.
  • Lock each leg brace after you extend a leg and before extending the next one.
  • Raise the center post as little as possible, or not at all.
  • Whenever possible, set up the tripod on a level surface. If you are on an uneven surface, adjust and lock one leg at a time to level the tripod. If your tripod has one, check the built-in leveling bubble.
  • Tighten all locks and knobs, including the one for the tripod head unless you will be panning.
  • If your tripod has to ability to pan and tilt, adjust the handle to the desired angle, then turn the handle until the position is locked. Typically the handle is adjusted with the right hand and the left hand operates the camera functions.

Avoid carrying your digital camera when it is attached to a tripod. It can be more easily bumped and/or possibly fall off.

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