New or “old” digital camera

Couple with digital cameraNewer digital cameras have significant improvements over those manufactured only a few years ago. Most consumer digital cameras made during the last 12 months have features photographers only dreamed about in the recent past.

Digital camera features better than ever

Today’s new cameras have little, if any, shutter lag, helping ensure you capture a photo the moment you press the shutter release button. Most digital cameras have more than enough megapixels, a large high resolution LCD, a focus-assist lamp and longer battery life.

Even digital cameras with manual and semi-automatic controls have fully automatic point-and -shoot capabilities and pre-programmed scene modes. High ISO performance has improved too.

Digital camera replacement cycles are short

Replacement and upgrade cycles for a new camera have gotten shorter! For example, an amazing, highly capable digital camera I purchased when it first appeared on store shelves sells for $200 less only six months later. Ouch!

The new model has a few minor improvements. But it costs almost $100 more than my  “older” camera, which is still available for purchase.

Determine if new is better

If you don’t need the latest and greatest, don’t hesitate buying a digital camera that is last years model if it has the features you need.

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