Digital camera service advisory

Service advisoryA digital camera service advisory is a notice published by companies to inform digital camera owners about problems caused during the manufacturing process.

Cameras that qualify are repaired at no charge even if the original warranty has expired. If a digital camera has any other problems than the symptoms listed in an advisory, the free repair may not apply.

Examples of manufacturing problems include:

  • Poor images with strong tints or color casts
  • A series of strange lines running across images
  • Distorted images
  • No images at all
  • Exposure and focus errors
  • Camera locks up
  • Lens gets stuck
  • Potential fire hazards
Crop of image taken with a digital camera with a faulty sensor

Crop of image taken with a digital camera with a faulty sensor

A qualifying camera must be brought or mailed to an authorized service center for repair. Some problems can be corrected by a firmware update available at the manufacturer’s website.

If you registered your digital camera with the manufacturer, you may be notified of a service advisory by the company via mail or email. However sometimes you must dig up the information yourself.

To find out if there is an advisory for your model camera, visit the manufacturer’s website or contact their technical support.

You can often find service advisory information by doing an internet search using the term “digital camera service advisory for,” or similar phrase. Be sure to include the model number of your camera in the search.

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