Weatherproof a digital camera for under $1

If you yearn to take photos outside when inclement weather, you can easily create a temporary housing to weatherproof your digital camera. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

The technique explained below is for cameras with an extended lens that accepts filters.

To prepare a digital camera for use when it rains or snows, three inexpensive items are needed: a plastic bag, a rubber band and an ultraviolet (UV) filter. In the illustrations, the UV filter is already on the camera.


Step one:



Put UV filter on the lens, cut hole in the bag and put the camera in the bag with lens sticking out hole.

Step two:


Wrap rubber band around UV filter while pinching bag against it.

Step 3:


Weatherproofed! Put your hand in the bag to operate the camera. In the weather is really nasty, use another rubber band to close the hole in the bag and operate the camera through the plastic.

Editors note: There are alternative methods of weatherproofing a digital camera, such as inexpensive rain sleeves. Also waterproof housings are available for a number of digital cameras.

Text and photo illustrations by Citylights.

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