Landscape mode

Landscape sceneMaximum photo sharpness for distant scenes

The landscape mode on a digital camera is a long-distance scene mode also known as infinity mode. Landscape mode is represented by an icon that looks like a mountain range.

Landscape mode provides maximum sharpness for distant and wide-vista scenes. It is suitable for photographing cityscapes, seascapes, skyscapes and distant forests.

When switching to landscape mode, the focus is fixed at infinity. There is usually no need to check focus before taking a picture. However, if there are objects in a scene, lock focus on one that is about a third of the way between the nearest and furthest object.

Infinity mode can be useful when photographing through glass, chain-link fences and other similar scenes that are difficult to determine just where to focus.

Infinity or landscape mode symbolLandscape mode shutter speed and aperture

The digital camera may automatically choose a small lens aperture. This is to provide a deep depth of field.

A slow shutter speed may also be selected by the camera when using landscape mode. If light is low, hold the camera steady or use a camera support such as a tripod.

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