Canon S100: Known problems

There have been a number of reported issues with Canon S100 cameras.

You can check for them prior to purchasing the S100, or during the time you can still return or exchange the camera. You can not, however, check for the Lens Error issue and it just happens without warning..

Lens Error

There have been increasing reports of an Lens Error problem that causes the lens to fail to retract and the S1oo shuts down, making the camera unusable. In July 2010, Canon issued a product advisory stating that they we will repair qualifying cameras free of charge even long after the warranty has expired.  Learn more about the advisory >

S100 corner softness

Corner softness, sometimes quite extreme, has been reported in some copies, including those tested by professional reviewers in a studio. The corner softness is most prominent the lower right-hand corner of images.

This corner softness is not generally seen in real-life photos (ie. photos taken outside a strictly controlled studio environment). If your images look fine and you’re happy with them, you’re good to go.

Tint on the LCD screen

The LCD screen on some s100 models has a yellowish-green tint. The tint doesn’t appear in images when viewed on a computer.

LCD blacks out

The LCD suddenly blacks out on the s100, though the menu items can be seen on the display. Any photos taken after the screen turns black are also black. There is no way to predict this problem and the camera will need to be repaired.

S100 Light infiltration

There have been a few reported of light infiltration when a light source is on the left top corner. The shots come out with a very long and bright line in the top center, in line with the light source.

Light filtration samples provided by Corrado Art

S100 video problems

Beeping sound during playback

On playback video, with the volume turned up, you may hear a brief beep every few seconds. The use of a very high speed Secure Digital Memory Cards appear to be the culprit. If you are experiencing this problem, try a different, slower memory card.

Ticking sound

Some users report a repetitive ticking sound when shooting video with AutoFocus enabled. The sound may not appear when the camera is new but after several months of use.

S100 flickering video

Some models have flickering video when recording inside in artificial light. Dark and light areas shift across the whole frame. This problem isn’t necessarily the same as the “rolling shutter effect” that can occur when panning too quickly with a camera that has a CMOS sensor.  Also, this is not to be confused with exposure changes that occur as you move the camera to different areas in a scene.

If you shoot a lot of video, and can’t decide between a camera with a CCD sensor (such as the S95) and one with a CMOS sensor (such is in the S100), refer to this article for a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of each sensor.

Canon provides firmware update to fix flickering video


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