S100 breaks a second time

Broken LCD made using the camera impossible

About a week and a half after receiving my “repaired” S100 back from Canon, the camera unexpectedly broke again.Without warning!

This time it was not another lens error but the LCD became full of colored vertical lines, making taking photos and accessing menus totally impossible.

When my S100 had the lens error, I was simply taking snapshots. This time I was in Atlanta at a meeting. I had planned on taking some photos during the meeting and around the city. I nearly fell out of my seat when I turned on the camera and looked at the screen, shown at the left.

Canon won’t replace the camera

I called Canon Tech Support and asked to speak with a manager. I told her I didn’t want the S100 repaired again! I wanted a replacement with a camera outside the affected serial range. She said that Canon will only repair the camera, not replace it.


I then told her I was going to take a sledge hammer to the camera rather than send back for repair. The manager asked to give Canon another chance to repair the camera correctly and that they would expedite the repair process.

Reluctantly, I mailed the S100 to the Canon repair facility.

Loss of confidence in the S100

The fact is that I will never again feel confident using my S100. I will always have the thought in back of my mind that it will once again conk out unexpectedly. Now I will be forced to carry a second camera as a back up, and that defeats the purpose of having a small carry-at-all times camera.

For important events and when I don’t have quick access to another camera, I will take my s90, a great camera though I prefer using the s100…at least I did until having all these problems.

If the S100 ever breaks again, I will indeed take a sledge hammer to it while taking a video of my deed and then posting it at this site, on YouTube and elsewhere. Hope I don’t have to. Stay tuned.

Note: if you’re planning to buy the Canon PowerShot S100, check the serial number. Make sure you don’t get one with where the first and second digits of the camera’s serial number are any number from”29″ through”41.”
For example: “29xxxxxxxxxx”,  “30xxxxxxxxxx”………”41xxxxxxxxxx.” More info >

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