Canon S2-IS

Canon S2 focusing tips

Like most digital cameras, the S2 IS has some focusing issues. These tips will help you focus more accurately.

I don’t believe that the Canon S2 IS has major focusing problems but, like most digital cameras, it does have some. Most occur when zooming near or at 12X.

Main causes of focus problems:

  • Photographing low-contrast subjects
  • Overlapping nearby and distant objects
  • Very bright subjects in the center
  • Subjects moving very fast
  • Photographing subjects through glass
  • Taking pictures out of the camera’s shooting range
  • Smudges on the front of the lens

To help minimize focus problems, learn to anticipate what conditions may cause the S2 to not focus. Also make sure you use the two-step shutter-release button correctly.

Canon S2 Focusing Tips

For sharpest images: use apertures between F4.5 and F5.6

AF Frame Selector Button: manually control the area of focus by using the omni selector to accurately focus off-center; particularly useful for macro photography.

More precise manual focus: Adjust focus using the up and down arrows on the omni-selector, then press the SET button one or more times. The camera automatically refocuses more precisely at a point near the current focusing point. Practice using manual focus as it is not easy to do.

Focus bracketing: only works when using Manual Focus, though you can lock focus automatically then press the M button and focus bracketing will work.