My Canon s90 settings

s90 settings buttons & wheelThe first thing I do when I get a new digital camera is change many of the factory default settings. After years of using digital cameras, I’ve found some settings are more effective than the ones the manufacturer preselects for us. However, I do adjust settings such as White Balance, Exposure Compensation and  ISO whenever needed according to the scene and lighting.

Generally, though, I keep my s90 set as follows:

  • Shooting mode: P or Aperture priority mode
  • Focus – Single Point
  • Auto Focus frame — Center, normal size
  • Metering — Evaluative
  • Image Stabilization: Shoot Only
  • Sensitivity – Auto ISO
  • Exposure Compensation: -1/3 to – 2/3 for outside photos
  • Control ring – assigned to ISO [Learn why]
  • Shortcut button – AE Lock (Auto Exposure Lock is one of 12 functions that can be assigned to the shortcut button via the Set Shortcut button menu)
  • iContrast – OFF (iContrast can be effective, however you can apply it when reviewing images. The original image will remain untouched and a new image is created with iContrast applied).
  • Custom colors — increase saturation, decrease red (both by one tick)
  • Flash – OFF – otherwise the flash remains up and it can be annoying when taking shots
  • Auto focus assist lamp — ON
  • Red-eye mode — OFF
  • White balance — AUTO
  • Digital Zoom — OFF
  • LCD Review – OFF

Note: if a function isn’t listed above, it’s kept at the factory default.

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