Canon 55-250mm IS zoom lens

55-250mm ISOnly days after using the Canon XSi/450D, it became apparent that I sorely missed a telephoto lens. Before buying the XSi, I used ultra-telephoto compact digital cameras including the Panasonic FZ18 and Canon S2 superzooms.

I needed more reach than the 80mm equivalent zoom the kit lens provided.

About a week later I bought the Canon EF-S 55-250mm, an Image Stabilized telephoto zoom lens. At the time of this writing the lens cost around $300.00 U.S., not a lot of money as far as the cost of  interchangeable lenses goes.

It is in the same “class” as the kit lens. It’s relatively lightweight for a lens with this reach.

Not disappointed

I have not been disappointed in the 55-250mm IS or the kit lens. Between the two, I have a lens range equivalent to 28mm to 400mm, enough to cover many wide angle and telephoto shots.

While I still long for more zoom, the quality of XSi images is so good that with 12 megapixels I can crop images closer giving the effect of a longer zoom.

Because I love photographing wildlife, I will get a super telephoto lens some day with a greater focal length. I just have to save enough pennies.

Visit our Canon 55-250mm Lens Photo Gallery for sample images taken with this lens.

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