Canon’s Customer Loyalty program

Customer loyaltyIf your Canon digital camera is too expensive to repair and is out of warranty, consider Canon’s Customer Loyalty program. The program allows you to upgrade it to a refurbished, newer model at a price that is usually considerably less than repair.

You don’t necessarily have to get the same model as the camera you’re turning in. When you contact Canon, they’ll tell you the available models and price for each model. They will also ask for the the serial number of your current camera

A refurbished model usually comes with a six-month warranty. If it develops a problem during the warranty period, call Canon technical support. You’ll be sent a new camera with a prepaid box to return the defective one.

Should you buy a refurbished digital camera?

If you don’t crave a brand new digital camera, seriously consider a refurbished one. Typically refurbished cameras are returned by customers who simply didn’t want them and met the seller’s return criteria.

Canon and manufacturers who offer similar programs thoroughly check a camera, retest and recertify it before selling it refurbished.

NOTE: The Canon Customer Loyalty Program extends to other Canon products such as printers and scanners. If your older model is broken beyond repair, or too expensive to repair, you can get a new model at a discount directly from Canon. The program requires the serial number of the old model. Once provided, tech support will give you a discount access code and a phone number for the sales department should you want to place an order.

For complete information about the Canon Customer Loyalty program, contact Canon. In the U.S. the toll free number is 1-866-443-8002. Others should visit the Canon Worldwide website for contact information specific to their region.

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