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Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

Written by Gerri Levine

The Lowepro Flipside 400 AW camera bag holds plenty of gear and is very comfortable to carry fully loaded.

lowepro 400aw

After buying the Canon 100-400 zoom lens, which is rather large, I realized my camera bags were too small. None could hold both the lens and my Canon XSi, let alone anything else.

It’s important that I can carry all my gear on photo trips, including the camera with zoom lens attached. It’s equally important to be able to get to all the gear with relative ease.

I considered several camera bags made by a number of companies, including various Slings. After extensive research, I decided to get the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW. The bag is lightweight and made with care, and has everything I need and more.

Comfortable to carry fully loaded

Lowepro Flipsides are more comfortable than sling style camera bags, especially for some women. These bags are designed to be loaded from the part that’s against your back, opposite to how many others are designed.

In addition to providing extra security, the design allows the pack to be swung to the front and opened without removing the bag. Generous padding of straps and the waist belt makes carrying the bag comfortable with everything loaded.

Room for plenty of gear

The Flipside 400 AW has adjustable dividers that allow for custom organization within the main compartment. It holds my camera and four lenses with room to spare. The camera with the 100-400 lens attached and the lens hood reversed fit into the bag just fine. The pack is deep enough to easily carry the camera with the camera grip attached too.

I can swing the bag around, open the zippers and remove my camera and lens for a “quick” shot. It has several zippered compartments to carry spare cards, batteries and other accessories. It also has pockets for items such as keys, money and side pockets for water bottles. There are extra straps on top to attach a jacket if you wish.

The 400 AW has a cleverly hidden tripod holder, which can be used when I want to carry a tripod or monopod. It also has a built-in All Weather (AW) cover that can be wrapped around the entire bag for protection when it rains.

I’ll be using Lowepro Flipside 400 AW for a very long time. I recommend it to any photographer who travels and needs to keep their gear secure yet close enough to capture a shot in a moment.

About the author

Gerri Levine

Gerri, a retired research biologist, worked at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory for 35 years publishing articles on phenomena as disparate as photosynthesis and cancer. She’s also an artist and has worked with a variety of media. As perhaps the most “scientific” of the arts, she was naturally drawn to photography.

Gerri first got into photography when in college and shot film. Years later, she purchased her first digital camera, a Fuji 2800zoom, and it was “love at first shot.” After using a number of digital cameras, including advanced models, Gerri upgraded to a digital DSLR, the Canon XSi.

Gerri’s photos have been awarded several blue ribbons, many Best of Shows in Fairs and a spot on a TV website. She’s also had requests to use her photos as references/inspiration for high end artwork. Two of her photos were selected for inclusion in the Arizona Highways 2009 Photo Workshop pamphlet, and another was selected as a finalist in the first ever Arizona Highways photo contest.

Although Gerri will photograph almost anything, she finds many of her best shots are “catch the moment” human interest photos of people and animals. She believes that the more you shoot and the more you look at photographs, paying special attention to things you like about them, the more you will improve your photographic skills.

Gerri and her husband reside in central Arizona, USA.