Smile: cheesy camera mode

Smile? Not!Now here’s a digital camera feature that will give you something to smile about. Some digital cameras have a Smile Detection mode. According to one manufacturer, the feature is said to “capture joyous moments that used to get away!”

Oh, really?!

Simply switch the camera to Smile Shutter mode, which functions whenever Face Detection finds a face in a scene. Once the Smile Shutter is activated, the camera automatically takes a photo for you.

More impressive, the camera can detect different degrees of smiles in folks you photograph. Simply set Smile Level sensitivity to “high” and it will detect a faint smile. The “medium” level detects a normal smile, whatever that is. Set it to “low” if you want to capture a “hearty laugh.”

If there are several subjects in the frame, you can set the camera to specify the face you want to capture smiling. Everyone else can be making a sour puss, but the one you selected will look just fine.


And I thought digital cameras with a “slimming” feature were as silly as camera modes could get. At least if I looked thinner in a photo it would give me something really to “smile” about.


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