Banned from mall for taking photos

Imagine taking photos of your child in a mall and, after doing so, banned from the mall, coupled with a threat to conficate your camera phone. This happend recently in a shopping center near Glasgo, Scotland.

We’re sharing this story so you are aware that many malls and other public places have policies regarding the use of cameras, including camera phones. If you plan to take photos at a public place, find out about their policy before doing so.

Father banned from mall for taking photos of daughter

Mall photo taken by the father. Downloaded from the "Boycott Braehead" Facebook page.

A father photographing his daughter was banned from a mall. The reason: in the interest of preventing terrorism.

After taking photos of his young daughter eating ice cream, the father was approached by a security guard who asked him to delete the photos. He was then banned from the mall and told that his camera phone could be confiscated.

Evidently, the staff at a mall ice cream shop saw the man taking photos of a little girl sitting at the counter. They thought the father was also taking photos of them so contacted one of the mall’s security staff.

A spokesman for the mall said that like most shopping centers, “we have a photography policy in the mall to protect the privacy of the staff and shoppers.”

Mall changes policy, apologizes

Almost immediately after the incident, the policy was changed. The mall staff will no longer try to prevent family and friends taking pictures of each other. However, security guards may still challenge anyone who acts suspiciously.

They also apologized to the father.

Source: Dad Taking Photos of Daughter Is Banned From Mall on Terror Concerns

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