IPTC comments

IPTC Metadata, also known as IPTC Comments, is information that can be embedded in an electronic image with most software programs used to edit photos. The information stays with the image and can be accessed by others who use programs that read IPTC.

Most digital cameras support IPTC data.

iptcIPTC was originally developed for press photographers who needed to attach comments to images when submitting them electronically. Now it is used by many photographers, both commercial and non-commercial.

Type of information that can be added to an image

The amount of information that can be added to each image is extensive, but most will only add general information such as the photographers name, a caption, the place and date a photo was taken and license and copyright information.

The comments remain with an image even if it is edited or resized. Adding or editing IPTC data will not change the quality of an image.

IPTC comments can be saved inside image files including JPEG, TIFF, RAW and some audio and video files.

IPTC/NAA comments are standardized by the International Press Telecommunications Council and the Newspaper Association of America.

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