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Digital camera shutter button: Use it correctly

Written by Gail Bjork

Pressing down a digital camera shutter button in the right, two-step sequence will help ensure getting properly exposed photos and minimize blur due to camera movement.

Shutter buttonUsing the shutter button correctly on a digital camera is so important that it’s the first thing you need to learn. In fact, we consider it so important that we’ve mentioned the technique many times throughout Digicamhelp.

The sequence is entirely different that when using a film camera.

Two step process

Two-step shutter release button

Simply put, using the shutter button on a digital camera is a two step process:

  1. Press the shutter button half way down to lock focus and exposure.
  2. Press it completely down to take the photo any time after focus confirmation is achieved.

Consequences of not pressing it down correctly

Failure to press the shutter button down in the right sequence can result in improperly exposed photos. It can also cause blurred photos due to camera shake.

If you’ve never used a digital camera before, practice this two-step sequence until it becomes second nature.

All digital camera manuals explain the technique so check yours for addition information.

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