How to save EXIF data in photos

Save As file menuWhen photo editing, EXIF data can be lost if an image file is not saved correctly. EXIF refers to settings and scene information recorded by a digital camera and embedded within each file.

The method to preserve EXIF data varies among editing programs, so check the help files.

Photoshop was used to illustrate one of the ways to preserve data in a JPEG, the file format found in almost every digital cameraSave As menu.

1-To preserve EXIF after editing an image, use the Save AS command (not Save for Web…) from the file menu. The save as dialog window opens.

2-Select JPEG (or other file format that saves EXIF data) from the format drop down menu and give the file a new name. Next click the Save button.

3- After saving the file, the JPEG Options window pops opens. It gives the the option to select quality settings between one and 12.

A lower number will create a small file size, but the image will appear low quality and have the most compression. High numbers give you the best visual image quality and least least compression.

Select the Quality number in the Image Options area or use the slider. You can see the effects of the option you choose by checking Preview. If you don’t like the results when doing a Preview, adjust the quality options.

JPEG OptionsSelect a number that gives you a good balance between image quality and file size. 1o usually gives a good balance between image quality and file size.

The EXIF data will remain embedded in the new file.

The method for saving EXIF data in other image editing programs may vary, so check the help files.

Tip: always edit copies of originals. If you make a mistake, start over using another copy of the original.

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