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Written by Gail Bjork

Google stops support of Picasa and Picasa Web Albums

Important information for Picasa and Picasa Web Albums users: Google stops support of Picasa

picasa main pagePicasa web albums is a popular image hosting service offered by Google. Each account provides  one gigabyte of free storage for displaying and sharing your photos and video online.

For those who use Picasa photo editing and organizing software, also free, image and video files can be uploaded to web albums directly from within this easy-to-use program.

What I like about Picasa web albums

  • Free!
  • No advertisements (as of this writing)
  • Unlimited photo albums.
  • Easily organize, sort and caption photos.
  • Collaborative albums – when permission is give, you can open up your online albums so others can contribute photos and videos.
  • Edit photos online with Picnik.
  • Properties panel to view EXIF data
  • Automatically organizes photos based on the people in them.
  • Receive notifications when others leave comments about your photos or when a “favorite” person uploads new photos to their Web Albums gallery.
  • Very good video playback; few compression artifacts if original file is good quality.
  • Ability to Geotag photos to show others where they were taken.
  • Receive email notifications when others leave comments about your photos or when a “favorite” person uploads new photos to their Web Albums.
  • Images smaller than 800 pixels wide or videos under 15 minutes toward the one GB of free storage.

What I don’t like about Picasa web albums

  • Can’t create albums within albums.

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Gail Bjork

Gail Bjork, who is passionate about digital photography, is the owner and editor of Digicamhelp.Gail is the author of three illustrated ebooks about digital photography. A number of her photos and digital photography related articles appear at other websites.In 2006, a series of her photos, People in the Louvre, were exhibited at the Underground Photo Gallery
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  • You’re welcome! The only thing is you don’t get the original video quality but the ones I downloaded were pretty decent.

  • Actually… you can download videos from Picasa! I jsut found it out, it is a bit of work but you get the file by going to your browsers temp folder (using Firefox this is the Cache folder in c:\Documents and settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Appdata\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\PROFILENAME.default\Cache
    Open the video in picasa and let it download completely. Sort the Cache-folder by recently changed files, copy the file with the right size and rename it to have the .flv extension.
    Voila 😉

  • Why don’t you try downloading them with RealPlayer, which is free. Once installed, you can download videos from websites. It has a video converter to copy online video to an iPod, cell phone, Xbox, PS3 or other favorite device. I’m not sure the formats RealPlayer saves video but, at the very least, you can watch your video with RealPlayer until Goggle addresses this issue at WebAlbums and with Picasa.

  • I am irritated, to say the least, with Picasa regarding not being able to download videos that have been uploaded.  I was restructuring my hard drive folders and had uploaded all my videos, but then when I did the import back from Picasa . . . well, the .avi files didn’t come with it.  Now, I’m stuck hoping that google allows me to download them at some point in the future.