Printing digital photos

Unlike traditional photography where an entire roll of film needs developing, with digital photography you have the choice of only printing your best shots.

They can be printed at home or you can have them processed commercially online or at a local photo processor.

Requirements for printing photos at home

For home printing, a photo quality printer, inkjet cartridges and special photo paper is recommended. It should be pointed out that photo printers have become so good that most are capable of producing prints that rival those made in a professional photo lab.

To obtain optimal results, basic image editing is often required. Much of the mystique surrounding editing has disappeared as photo editing programs have gotten easier to use. Prices for many programs are quite reasonable, and often the software that comes with your printer or digital camera may meet your editing needs.

Free photo editing programs often have just enough tools for basic image enhancement such as tools for cropping, straightening a tilted horizon line, color correcting, adjusting contrast and special effect filters. Some of these processes take place at the click of a button. Still, there are a few tricks to consider to best prepare digital photos for printing.

Printing photos at home is not for everyone

Printing your own photos is not for everyone. It can take more time than some are willing to put in. The price of a printer, photo-quality ink-jet paper, and high-priced ink cartridges can be costly.

Thankfully, there are several options for having prints made for a reasonable price. Simply bring your digital files to a local photo processor, or upload and edit them to an online photo service. Your prints will be delivered to your mailbox.

Many online photo services offer free prints to first time users. They also offer a host of other custom products for your photos such as photo books, poster sized prints, calendars and a variety of gift items.

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