What is IPM?

IPM Label

Images per Minute speed printed on the outside of an inkjet printer box

If haven’t purchased an inkjet printer for some time and are in the market for a new one, find out the IPM speed measurement listed in the specifications. The IPM information is typically printed on the outside of the box of newer printers.

You’ll be able to make a more accurate comparison of the speeds of various printers including those manufactured by different companies.

Images Per Minute, a standard that was introduced in March 2009, is a universal measure that uses three types of standardized text documents to measure printer speed: a four page Word document, a four page Excel document and a four page PDF document.

PIXMA iP2702 printerThe speed is based on the default settings of printer, the settings that are in place when you take the printer right out of the carton.

Even though the word Images is used, it is important to note that IPM does not apply to photo print speeds, which are measured in seconds.

IPM speed should not be compared to the Page Per Minute designation. PPM is a method of measuring the speed a printer based on several variables. The PPM of one printer can not be directly compared to the PPM of another.

When you want to compare printer speeds, IPM is the measure to use.

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