Transferring Photos

Transferring photos to a computerDigital images can be transferred from a digital camera to a computer or other storage device via a USB cable. This is done either directly from the camera or by using an external memory card reader.

Some digital cameras come with a PCMCIA interface that can be inserted into a notebook computer.

Computers, notebooks and netbooks with built-in memory card slots make transfer of images easy without the need for  a cord or external reader.

A few cameras have built-in wifi so images can be transferred wirelessly with the right set-up.

Driver installation

Digital cameras come with a CD containing a driver for computers that require one, an viewer/organizer to browse images once transferred to the computer, and basic photo editing software. In most cases, the software should be installed before making the USB connection to the computer. A wizard on the CD walks you step-by-step through the  installation process.

Once the camera is attached to the computer and turned on, or the memory card is inserted into a memory card slot, the related software automatically launches (if it doesn’t, check the preference settings).

You can set how and where image files a stored into designated folders and append file names if desired. When the transfer is complete, you can browse and view images.

If the transfer process fails

Sometimes the process doesn’t work correctly. If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. It may be that you have a conflict with pre-existing software. If you suspect this to be the case, call tech support or seek advice in an related online forum

In the mean time, you can manually transfer the images to your computer if the memory card icon is recognized. Navigate to the memory card icon, click to open it, and then navigate to the images folder on the card.  Click and drag the folder from the memory card so it is copied to the desktop.

Tip: Avoid losing images and possibly damaging a memory card, never shut off the camera or computer until images are completely transferred.

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