Shutter lag

Lock focusShutter lag is the amount of time (delay) it takes from when you fully depress the shutter-release button to the moment the picture is taken.

Shutter lag times vary from digital camera to digital camera. As digital cameras improve, newer models don’t suffer from as much lag as older ones. Digital single lens reflex cameras have little or no discernible shutter lag.

Decreasing shutter lag

  • Use the two-step shutter release button correctly – this point can not be emphasized enough. Depress it halfway to lock focus and exposure. Once locked, press it down fully to capture the subject.
  • When decreased shutter lag is important, make sure to use fully charged batteries. Low powered batteries contribute to shutter lag.
  • Anticipate the moment or track the action: use “continuous autofocus” mode, lock focus and then press the button fully down.
  • Prefocus – focus on an object that is at the same distance where the subject will come, lock focus and then wait for the subject to come into view.

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