Category - Camera Features

Features found on digital cameras can vary considerably from model to model. Some are fundamental for using a camera correctly, while others have very specialized uses. We cover the basics, as well as advanced features, of digital cameras.

Shooting modes

Panorama mode

Panorama mode allows you to create a single, wide vista photo by "stitching" a series of single...

Shooting modes

Movie mode

Some digital cameras record video that approaches the quality of a dedicated camcorder and even...

Shooting modes

Burst mode

Continuous shooting mode, also known as burst mode, allows you to shoot images continuously in...

Advanced Settings


The aperture controls the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor, acting much like the...

Advanced Settings


F-stop refers to a quantity taking into account aperture and focal length. This articles describes...

Advanced Settings


Learn why many photographers use the histogram on a digital camera to avoid under and over exposure...