Category - Camera Modes

Digital cameras have several modes including Record, Playback and Video. Here’s information to help you understand how to effectively use the various modes.

Camera Modes

Setup mode

The setup mode allows you tweak the factory default settings of a digital camera, as well as...

Camera Modes

Metering modes

Most digital cameras have more than one method of metering. For correct exposure, select the...

Camera Modes

Landscape mode

Landscape mode helps you obtain maximum sharpness when taking photos of distant scenes such as...

Camera Modes

Focus modes

Digital cameras may have more than one focus mode. Using the correct mode or focus technique can...

Camera Modes

Flash modes

Changing the flash mode to match the scene or subject you're photographing, whether in low or...

Camera Modes

Auto ISO modes

Auto ISO modes automatically select the ISO according to the light level of a scene. This means...