Category - DSLR Dilemma

Moving from a compact digital camera to a single lens reflex camera can be overwhelming. At least is was for me. What I discovered with the help of others, and my own determination, can prove invaluable to those considering buying an entry-level DSLR for the very first time.

DSLR Dilemma

Canon XSi/450D

The Canon XSi/450D is no longer considered an entry level digital camera. It has a host of useful...

DSLR Dilemma

Nikon D60

I've narrowed down my DSLR choices to three models and the Nikon D60 is one of them.

DSLR Dilemma

Olympus E-500

The price of the Olympus Evolt E-510 with its two lens kits is one of the best camera deals I've...

DSLR Dilemma

DSLR lens basics

It isn't necessary to spend a lot of money for a lens that will satisfy most photographers coming...

DSLR Dilemma

Live view

Using a Live View on many digital single lens reflex camera can be quite different than using a LCD...