Category: Nature

Nature photography is within the reach of anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Even a basic digital camera will do for many types of outside shots. Learn proven techniques for capturing your favorite nature scene and subject. Learn, too, important safety and ethical considerations when photographing wildlife.

Photographing moving water

Your photos of moving water will go from “Okay” to “Wow!” by stretching out exposure time and using these other tips. Learn how to give your photos of surf, creeks and waterfalls a misty, dreamy quality.

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How to photograph birds

Little in photography compares to the exhilaration obtained from capturing a great shot of a bird. Here are the basic requirements and setups that work well.

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Photographing birds in flight

Photographing birds in flight is not only one of the most exhilarating types of photography, but one of the most difficult. Here how to take successful photos of our feathered friends as they soar through the air.

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Photographing wildlife

Exploring wilderness areas and viewing wildlife in all its varied forms is a thrilling experience for many. Here’s why to take your digital camera along and how to get some memorable, well-composed shots.

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Wildlife: Don’t bait or habituate

The very essence of wildlife photography is to photograph an animal as it exists in its natural surroundings. That’s why baiting animals or habituating them is dangerous for animals…and photographers.

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