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found-folderThe thought of it makes us shutter…we accidentally erase the digital images stored on our memory card.

Or maybe the card was incorrectly formatted or the losses were caused by battery or system failure. Files can be inadvertently erased if a memory card is removed while an image is in the process of being written to it.

Whatever the cause, we just want our photos back.

Can lost images be recovered? The answer, in all likelihood, is YES!

There are a variety of digital photo recovery and rescue programs available. Many are capable of recovering lost images, video and animation files. Some free recovery programs only recover jpeg files.  We have a listing of free photo recovery and other image editing programs listed here.

Digital image recovery process

The photo recovery process is generally easy and straightforward.

It’s important to follow the specific instructions as the software wizard prompts you through the recovery process, usually only a few steps. Some software programs have different levels of recovery so, if one doesn’t work, the process starts again at the next level.

Photo recovery not guaranteed

Good image recovery programs have a large degree of success. However recovery is not guaranteed and not always 100% effective. Sometimes only a few files are recovered, or no files can be recovered at all.

Whichever program you decide to use, visit the developer’s website and read the information, disclaimers and help files. Paid software usually has a 30-day trial period, though it may have some limitations such as only allowing a limited number of files to be recovered.

Some photo recovery programs, such as Sandisk RescuePro, recover files other than just photo and video.  Check the manufacture’s website for information about which types are supported.

Professional data recovery labs

If you can not recover deleted images, consider using a professional data recovery lab such as LC Technology. Professional photo recovery is expensive but at times may be worth the cost.

Basic photo recovery tutorial