Category - Taking Photos

Take a look at proven photo-taking techniques used by both amateur and professional photographers. We promise that your photos will improve if you follow only a few of them. Also gain insights about avoiding common photographic mistakes. Yes, everyone makes them…even pros.

Basic Techniques

Shutter lag

These steps can help reduce the effects of shutter lag, which can be painfully long with some...

Photo Foibles


Carrying too much photo equipment. Strap and lens cap became tangled around the camera and mini...

Photo Foibles


Didn’t notice the finger tip in front of the lens. Also, the lens was faced in the direction...

Photo Foibles


Ooops, concentrated on the central area of the subject so much, didn’t see feet. Should have...

Photo Foibles

No pictures

No photos! Left the memory card home in the card reader. Always check if the memory card and a...