About Digicamhelp

Digicamhelp helps educate others about the exciting world of digital cameras and photography. Information is presented in a very easy-to-understand and non-technical manner.

Who will find Digicamhelp most useful?

Site visitors are primarily beginner and intermediate digital camera users. They also include those who need help deciding what type of camera to buy and advanced users who find the information valuable as they transition from film to digital.

A little history

Digicamhelp, created and owned by Gail Bjork, started as a small sub-web of another site. It originally contained only about 14 pages.

It was a place where she referred friends, who frequently asked her about buying and using digital cameras. They found much of the online information too technical, sometimes long-winded and often difficult to understand. Gail created a website where they could learn quickly and easily about digital photography.

Digicamhelp was revamped and officially launched in the late fall of 2003. The site has been featured on The Today Show and featured or referenced in magazine. website and newspaper articles including USA Today, Business Week, the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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