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Hybrid rechargeable batteries

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Pre-charged hybrid rechargeable batteries are ready to use right out of the pack and hold their power for months.


Hybrid rechargeable batteries are different than standard NiMH rechargeables in that they ship fully charged. Unlike other rechargeable batteries, there is no need to charge before the first use.

A special chemical process allows hybrids to hold their power longer than standard NiMH batteries. Rayovac’s Hybrids hold power for approximately nine months when not used. According to Sanyo, their eneloop batteries hold about 85% of their power up to 12 months when not used.

Hybrid batteries last four times longer than alkalines and have excellent stability when used in low temperatures.

No special charger required

If you already have a charger for NiMH batteries, you don’t have to buy a new one. Hybrids can be powered up in the same charger. They can be charged between 500 – 1000 times before needing replacement.

No memory effect

Hybrid batteries have no “memory effect.” They can be recharged before completerly drained of power with no negative effects on overall battery life or performance.