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DSLR hand strap

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

A hand strap can make one-handed operation of a larger digital camera, especially a digital single lens reflex camera, greatly simplified.

DSLR hand strapIf you find yourself frequently wrapping the neck strap on your camera around your hand, it may be time to look for a hand strap.

Not every photographer likes carrying a camera around their neck. The neck strap that comes with a digital single lens reflex camera isn’t designed to be used safely in any other manner.

A hand strap can be an effective solution for carrying a DSLR. Many find keeping the weight of the camera supported with the hand and wrist more comfortable and less fatiguing than carrying it around the neck.

While a hand strap indeed reduces fatigue, it can be less than ideal if you shoot for many hours at a time.

A hand strap generally attaches to the tripod mounting hole and the neck strap anchor. It provides a tight and secure way to handle the camera, making the one-handed camera operation greatly simplified.

Some hand straps can be mounted for use with the left hand on most cameras. Others are designed only to be used with a camera that has a grip or built-in battery pack.

Before buying a hand strap

For the best fit, hand straps should be tried on with your camera before purchasing. They come in a variety of shapes and widths and some may fit better than others. If you have extremely large or small hands, don’t assume that a “one-size-fits-all” hand strap will fit.

Photo by Elliot used under the Creative Commons license