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DSLR lens hoods

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Lens hoods shade a camera lens from undesirable light effects on photos such as flaring and ghosting.

DSLR lens hoodCamera lenses can be sensitive to light sources that are placed just outside the frame. Light coming from certain angles can generate flaring and ghosting on pictures.

A lens hood is a device that attaches to the front of the lens and “shades” it from those light sources and their undesirable effects. Hoods can be purchased for almost any lens diameter.

Hoods come either bowl-shaped, like an expanding tube, or petal-shaped. Petal-shaped lens hoods are generally lighter.

Table Bay yacht by Damien du Toit used under the Creative Commons license

Example of lens flare

Many higher quality lenses come with a hood at purchase. Some companies offer them as accessories on all lenses. They can also be purchased from third-party manufacturers. A hood provided with a lens can usually be reversed to fit backwards on the lens when not in use.

Rubber and metal lens hoods

Rubber hoods are useful because they collapse for storage. They can be collapsed while on a lens when the hood itself is not needed.

Metal hoods are sturdier but heavier. They may provide some protection if the lens is bumped or dropped.

One caveat is that lens hoods make polarizing filters more difficult to operate.

Table Bay yacht by Damien du Toit used under the Creative Commons license


  • Glad you’re enjoying your camera, Nanahuff! The S series are great cameras. I’m seriously thinking about buying another one in the near future.

    Your S3 needs an adapter when using a lens hood. It can be purchased in a set from Canon.

    Or other photo shops and online retailers such as Amazon:

    Before I sold my Canon S2, I purchased some accessories from Lensmate. They are very helpful and have a lot of good information at their website.

  • HI,
    I have a Canon S3IS camera and I want to know if the camera hood would be able to be attached to this lens? I am still  learning how to use this camera, but have had wonderful success with pictures.