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Converter lenses & adapters

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Digital camera converter lenses modify the focal length of the built-in camera lens, extending its flexibility and capability.

Converter lensCompact digital cameras don’t accept interchangeable lenses like Single Lens Reflex cameras but many accept add-on converter lenses. Converter lens are relatively inexpensive and extend the flexibility and capability of a built-in lens.

A digital camera converter lens may require an adapter so it mounts correctly on the front of a camera. Lenses and adapters can be often purchased together in a kit and are available from original and third-party manufacturers.

Converter lenses can be bigger and bulkier than the digital camera to which they are attached. As a result, some users find the set-up annoying. But if you are interested in increasing the capabilities of the lens on your compact camera, converter lenses may be just what you’re looking for.

Using a converter lens

To use a converter lens, you may have to modify a menu setting in your camera to match the lens-type. Exposure and focus may need to be adjusted manually since converter lenses don’t always function well in automatic mode.

In order to prevent vignetting, the darkening of the corners of a photo, adapters may have to be removed when the lens is no longer attached. Be aware that the built-in camera flash may not work well with an add-on lens attached.

Detailed information about how to use these lenses is fully explained in the documentation that comes with the lens. It is not usually found in the camera manual.

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