Memory Cards

Erasing & formatting a memory card

Written by Gail Bjork

It’s important to understand the difference between erasing and formatting a memory card. Here’s why, and when, each method of deleting images should be used.

Erase a memory card sample menuMany digital camera owners don’t understand the difference between erasing and formatting a memory card. Both methods of deleting images should be used, but for different reasons.

Before explaining the differences between the two, it should be pointed out that experts recommend formatting a brand new memory card in-camera prior to using the card for the very first time.

Erasing can be done whenever needed, such as when your card is at full capacity and you need more space on the card. You can erase all or individual image files.

A memory card should be formatted several times a year, particularly if its performance seems sluggish. Format more often if your camera is used frequently.

Before erasing or formatting a memory card

Make sure you back up any important photo and video files prior to erasing or formatting a card. While it’s possible to recover image files with special software after either process, you may only have a partial recovery, or recover no images at all.

Erasing a memory card

When erasing a memory card, individual photos are deleted from their directories on the card. You can erase one or more user selected images at a time, or erase all images at one time. However, any images that you’ve selected to be “protected” through another menu option will not be removed during the erasure process.

Formatting a memory card

Format a memory card sample menuFormatting, on the other hand, deletes all images from a memory card, even the ones that may have been protected. It recreates the file system including new directories and folders where images are saved on the card.

Unlike erasing, formatting improves the overall performance of a card.

Low level formatting

Some digital cameras offer a low level format in addition to the standard format option. With a low level format, all data on the card is deleted. New directories and folders are also recreated during this process.

A low-level format of a high speed memory card helps ensure smooth continuous shooting at a constant interval. For optimal video performance, it’s also recommended that a low level format be done sometime prior to recording.

In camera, not computer

Though opinions vary, many recommend formatting a memory card in a digital camera, not via a computer. If you plan to use a memory card that was previously used in another camera, format the card in the new camera before taking any shots.

SD Formatter: for Secure Digital memory cards

According the the Secure Digital Association, SD Formatter is the preferred way to format Secure Digital Cards. The utility, which offers three levels of formatting, was developed by the Association. You can read more about this free software here.

Check your camera manual

Formatting and erasing a memory card is done through the main Menu. The functions are generally accessed in Playback mode, though they can be accessed in other modes on some cameras.  Since the steps vary from camera to camera, check your manual for specific instructions.

Tip: When getting rid of a memory card, destroy it first so personal information can’t be recovered from the card.

If you’re having problems with your memory card not solved by the many suggestions posted below, check if the card capacity exceeds the maximum capacity specified in the camera manual. If not, contact the manufacturer of your memory card or digital camera for technical assistance.

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  • […]   Deleting Images – Most DSLR cameras (if not all) have the option to “format card” within the menu settings. If possible, this option is better to remove images than simply reviewing them in the playback mode and erasing them all. Why, you might ask. Well, every time you delete all the images on your card they are technically still there in a protected form within the menu settings. If the card is never formatted,, the camera will become sluggish. That’s where formatting the card comes in handy. This option removes all files (protected and not) from the card and increases the functioning speed of the device. Professionals recommend formatting memory cards a few times a year (or more if you shoot frequently). For more information on this visit […]

  • danielle, try SD Formatter, free software developed by the SD Association.

    If that doesn’t work, there is probably a problem with you camera. You need to call tech support to see if they can walk you through a fix. Because of the time constraints, you may need to make other arrangements such as buying or borrowing a camera, or asking someone else to take the wedding photos.

  • please help! my camera is saying that my sdhc card is not formatted. I have tried a few different cards in my camera and it says the same thing. I have tried the format button on my camera and it says unable to format remove card. Any suggestions? I am shooting a wedding in the morning!

  • I have a panasonic Lumix (DMZ-TZ10) digital camera with a Panasonic 16gb “Silver” SDHC. I have connected it to my laptop in the past and transferred files with no problem.
    However I recently tried connect the camera to my laptop and the “Panasonic PhotofunStudio” software tells me there is an unsupported media type inserted; also when I try to access the drive via windows explorer it tells me the disk needs to be formatted!

    I have not changed my memory card (its the same one that the previously recognised photos were saved to) so I’m not sure why it has stopped working. I have checked that the write-protect tab on the card is in the correct position too.

    Any ideas how I can resolve this problem without losing any of the photos currently on my memory card?

  • Virginie, check the settings of the software you use to download the images. It may “think” you’ve downloaded them already. Set the software so it downloads all images. If that doesn’t work, and since you can see the images on the card via the computer, try highlighting and dragging them to your desktop. If that works, then format your card to improve it’s performance. If that doesn’t work, call Lexar tech support for advice. If your card is damaged, it may be time to get a new one.

  • Hi,

    I use a Lexar 4GB Compact Flash Platinum II 80x with my Nikon D70s. Lately, I’ve been having some problems uploading the files on my computer. It seems like there is no file recorded on my memory card, but still, I can access them unto my digital camera. What is even weirder is that when I check with my computer what is on my memory card, I can see old shots that I erased directly on my digital camera… I tried using a memory card reader, thinking that the problem might be my digital camera, and it still does not work properly.

    Do you have any ideas on how I could get my latest shots out of that memory card?


  • check the side of your chip there is a lock that slides if this is in lock it will show in security mode

  • Lea, make sure the lock on you memory card is in the UP (unlocked) position. You can find an explanation and illustration of this at the bottom of this article. If your card is unlocked, gently clean the contacts of the card with a pencil eraser.

    There may also be a switch inside the camera slot which may be locked. If so, very carefully slide the switch with a toothpick to the unlocked position. You can also try cleaning the card slot with canned air. You can also try resetting the camera.

    If these don’t work, your camera probably needs repair so call Canon Tech support.

  • hi everytime i turn on my canon SD780IS it reads “card Locked” i tried to put many different cards in and it reads the same thing, so i know its the camera. if iblow into the slot very hard it works, but the next time i turn it on the problem of “card locked” comes on again. i tried formatting the card but it didnt do anything, please help!!!!!!!

  • Marsha, sounds like you’re using a Secure Digital memory card. Make sure the Lock switch on the left side of the card is in the UP position. This will unlock the card.

  • I put my camera chip in my computer to download pictures to it and it comes up in protected mode , read only file. why?

  • melissa, first make sure your battery is fully charged before trying to transfer images directly from the camera to the computer. If that doesn’t work, try a memory card reader. If you don’t have one, maybe someone you know does. If you installed the software that came with the camera, it should launch to transfer the images. Another option when using a card reader, is to click on the memory card icon on your computer and click-and-drag the images to the desktop.

  • Hi there,

    I have a Samsung PL151 camera with a micro SD card. It was working fine when i was using it until suddenly when i went to look back at some photos it said file corrupt. There are pictures on the memory card that aren’t corrupt that I would like to transfer to my computer however every time i plug the camera into my computer via the cable and turn it on to load the photos the green light flashes while it says connecting to computer then the camera turns itself off before i can access the photos. IS there any way I can get the non corrupt photos off that i can see on my camera LCD screen? it’s annoying i can see they are on there but not transfer them?! PLEASE CAN YOU HELP

  • Patsy, can you view the pictures on the camera? If so, it’s probably not your card. Make sure you’ve installed the software that came with your camera, which may include a driver. When it’s installed, insert the card in the memory card reader and, hopefully, the images will download.

  • I need help please. I am not technical in the least. I am trying to download my first pictures with my first digital camera. I can’t view or save any of the pictures. I am sure it is the operator but my daughter says it sounds like my memory card is corrupted. She’s too busy to help and I really want to get the pictures downloaded today. What should I do now? Looking for a SME.

  • yaseen, make sure your camera accepts Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards. If so, do a low level format to recreate folders on the card (reread the article above).

  • i have panasonic SDHC 8 GB memory card and using it with canon SLR camera… whenever, i open my camera or try to take any picture from it.
    it says CAN NOT CREATE FOLDER. what should i do ?? help me.
    secondly, by mistakenly i have removed the DCIM folder from the same memory card when it was connected with computer… PLEASE HELP ME IMMEDIATELY.

  • Jim, the thumbprint is call a THM file, which represents the first frame of the video.

    You didn’t mention the method or software you’re using to download images to your computer, but not all of them download video. If you haven’t installed the software that came with your camera, install and give it a try. Otherwise, try a free program such as Picasa for the Mac.

  • I cannot download the video from the nextech mem card to my 10.6.8 os mac…it only gives me the thumbprint of first image of video….it downloads the prints however….do I need some kind of software?

  • I used the USB cable and I have gotten ALL my photos on the computer. Thank you SO much. I was going to use this memory card when i go to Europe and I was afriad I’d not be able to. Thanks again!

  • Genevieve, I’ve thought more about your problem and suggest the following before formatting the card. If your computer is older, the built-in memory card slot may not take SDHC cards; it may only take standard SD cards, 2 GB and below. If the cards that work are 2 GB or less, that’s probably the problem. Use another method to transfer the card such as a new card reader or, as suggested, the camera USB cable.

  • Genevieve, first try using the cable that came with your camera to transfer images to your PC, instead of a card reader. It may not work, but it’s worth giving it a try. I/O Device Errosr are usually caused by misconfigured system files, and there is a file system on a memory card that may have become corrupted. To rebuild the file system, you need to format the card.

    You do risk losing your images but, after the formatting, you may be able to recover the images with photo recovery software. We have list of Free photo & data recovery software programs. Note: paid program typically recovers more image files, including video, than free ones.

  • i have the sony cybershot. I took amazing photos and saved them to the Lexar multi-use 8 GB SDHC memory card. however, when i tried to open the file into the card on my pc, the following message came up “the rquest could not be preformed because of an I/O device error” other SD cards work an can be accessed so i am wondering why it doesnt work and how to stil save the photos to my pc. please help!

  • Elaine, what you need to do is format the card, but you can’t if your camera doesn’t recognize it. Without more information, it’s impossible to know what you may have done wrong. Lexar is a good company. Contact their tech support for assistance.

  • I transferred all my pics from my Lexar memory stick to discs, now my camera will not recognize the memory stick. help! What did I do wrong and how do I get it working again?

  • abby, check the camera settings for image size (resolution) and image quality (compression). You may have inadvertently increased the and, as a result, increased the overall file size for each image.

  • i have a sony cybershot 4.1mega pixel camera. it’s kinda of old but it still works. i also have a lexar 128MB memory stick in it. it used to be able to take about 220 pictures but now i can only take 62. i’ve tried formatting it but it still says that i can only take 62. how can i get it back to then 220 pics?

  • mary, unfortunately, your camera doesn’t take Secure Digital High Capacity cards. You can verify this in your camera manual or at the Kodak website.

    You’ll need to get a standard SD card, two gigabytes or less. Read more about it here.

  • i have a Kodak Easyshare DX4530. I have a brand new sdhc card and everytime i try to turn on my camera it tells me i have to format. I do this and it comes up again. What do i do? This is the second card i’ve bought that is doing this.

  • Nikki, your card may be corrupted, and certainly the images are corrupted. You many not be able to recover the images. Format your card in the camera. Also, try a photo recovery program, like the ones listed here. Try it both before and after formatting.

    For future consideration, always carry an extra memory card if one causes you problems at a photo shoot.

  • I am a photographer in my town and I took photos last night and halfway through my card said, “File not formatted” and wouldn’t let me take pictures further. I tried to read them on the MAC and out of the 80 something it took, it saved the first 3 and all the rest loaded to gray images. I really need these images but idk how to save them and correct the file type before deleting them to format the memory card. Please help!

  • Sherice, Yes, try resizing it. Your computer may not have enough memory to handle very large file sizes.

    If you haven’t done so lately, try formatting your memory card. It should improve the overall performance of your card.

    Also, try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver and software that came with your camera (or whatever software you’re using for video playback). Visit the Kodak site to see if there are updated versions.

  • Hello, I don’t know if you’ll be able to help me or not but I can’t seem to find the answer. I recored a video with my Kodak easy share and it plays back fine on the cam, how ever once I upload it onto my computer it plays fine untl a certain mark andthen it slows down. Is there a reason why? should I try to resize it or something.

  • Penelope, use the erase mode to delete that one image. Once you transfer all the images to your computer, format the card. Memory cards are inexpensive today so if you suspect you have a problem with the card that isn’t solved by formatting, get a new card.

  • Please help me!
    When I turn on my camera and view my pics on my memory card
    It comes up with read error but only for one picture.
    So I inserted my memory card into
    My laptop and thankfully my photos are still in my card. For some reason
    It won’t let me view them on my camera. What do I do!

    PS: I don’t mind if I never see the photo again
    I just want to get rid of that read error so I can
    view the rest of my photos.

  • sphinx501, it certainly sounds like your memory card is corrupted. Fortunately, you have all the photos.

    Try another memory card in your camera to see if it works. If not, call RIDATA tech support for help. If the card is still on warranty, they may replace it. If not try another memory card. If that doesn’t work, the problem may be with your camera.

    I don’t generally recommend formatting a memory card in a computer but read something recently suggesting it be done as a last resort. Immediately after formatting the card via the computer, try formatting it in your camera. You have nothing to lose as the card is not working with all else you tried.

  • Hi,

      Help badly needed… I have a digicam (ES60), with a memory card of RIDATA (8GB). Now, my problem is, I am not able to use my camera because of the memory card error thing that flashes on my cam screen, (already confirmed that the problem is within the memory card itself). Tried connecting the memory to my PC with the help of memory card reader / digicam connected to the computer – also tried this one.. But unfortunately, I am unable to open my memory card “drive” (Computer hangs up or freezes).. I’ve tried to connect my memory card (write-protected) – it was detected and I can also browse all the pictures and videos stored within.
     ** Just for clarification :

             – Computer hangs up everytime I try to explore my memory card connected with it (memory card is not write – protected)

             – I can browse and copy all the pictures with my memory card when connected to my PC (memory card is write – protected) but of course, I am not able to delete any of the files stored if it is write – protected, also I am not able to format it since it is  write – protected.

    Is my memory card corrupted? If so, then why can I explore the files stored within it in write – protect zone. But I can’t explore it if it is in normal zone (not write protect).

    All I want to do is to format my memory card, so that I can still use it for my digicam,. All pictures are already saved so no more worries if all files will be deleted.. Help me please…

  • KChico, since you mentioned you’re having problems with more than one SD card, it sounds like something is wrong with your camera. As you mentioned, it is inexpensive, so buying a new camera may be less expensive than repair. Here are things to consider before sending a digital camera in for repair.

  • Hi,
    I have a Polaroid a800 digital camera, which is a cheap little thing, but useful. I have been having issues with my SD cards since I first bought it, however, but thought I had fixed these issues, as it has been working fine for a couple of months. However, now no matter what I do, my camera tells me that the SD card is full, even though I emptied it on my computer, and have reformatted it on my camera as well. In the past, sometimes this (SD Card Full message) has been fixed by removing the card and putting it in again, turning off the camera for a short while, etc, but I’m stymied. Can someone help me?

  • You may still be able to recover a video file unless you’ve overwritten it with more recent images and videos that have been written to the memory card. The best chance you have at recovering a digital file is to attempt to do so soon after it’s deleted. Not all photo recovery programs recover video. Before purchasing special software check what files it attempts to recover (some programs only recover jpegs).

  • Becky, you may be able to recover some photos even though you’ve formatted the card. Here is some information about photo recovery. Some free photo recovery programs are listed on this page.

  • shannon, your camera may require a driver. Make sure you’ve installed the software that came with it. As to the card setup message, check the camera manual.

  • When i turn my camera on it says card setup and when i try to upload the pictures to my computer nothign happens. What do i do ?

  • dina, the best way to get rid of images so they can’t be recovered is, first, to transfer all the images you want saved to a hard drive. Once your good photos are saved, format the memory card in the camera. Then, take lots of random shots to overwrite everything that was on the card. Then, format again. Make sure you add enough random images, the amount varies depending on the size of the card. The most sure way for anyone to not to access a card is to destroy it, though that’s not always an option. Programs, such as SanDisk Rescue Pro, have a Wipe Media feature, that are said to remove everything from a card.

  • i want to get rid of SOME pictures that were taken for good so that you will never get access to them again even through the memory card. IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED if i can get the steps to that . and also this is just some photos i do not want to get rid of ALL THE PICTURES 🙂

  • Claire, I understand your frustration. I bought a camera last month and had to return it because of a lens defect. These types of things don’t happen often, but they do happen. You should try to determine if it’s a camera or card problem.

    But first, is the SD card locked? Check the switch and try it again. If not, get another card. If the new card doesn’t have the same problem, your first card is probably defective.

    If both cards exhibit the same problem, contact canon tech support or go back to the place where you bought the camera and card for an exchange if you still are within the return period.

  • Hi. I’ve just bought a Canon EOS 550D and a Lexar 8GB Premium Series SDHC Class 6 memory card. When I try to format the card in the camera, it says” Cannot format. Change Card”. Both the camera and card are brand new and the card was recommended to me in the shop as the best one to get. Sooooooo frustrating as am so excited to start takig pictures. Please help.

  • Amanda, I’m assuming from your post that your downloading images from memory cards taken by different cameras. If so, you probably have no option but to renumber/rename them. Saying that, the transfer and download software that you have on your computer should be able to easily and quickly change the numbers/names after you select the images. The numbering sequence can also be changed via camera menu settings; the choice it typically Continuous numbering or Auto Reset. But, again, if you’re using cards from different cameras, you’ll have to use software to batch change/rename them.

  • Margaret, please check the specifications in your camera manual. I do not believe your camera can useSecure Digital High Capacity memory cards. You’ll need to get a SD card 2GB or under.

  • I have a Kodak EasyShare C300 camera and I bought a 4 gb SDHC memory card to use in it.  It does not seem to be able to format.  Any ideas?

  • Hi – I work for an auction company and have people out in the field taking photos of items to be auctioned.  But then when they bring in the card for me to download photos to the internet for bidding, I have to renumber EVERY one of them so that they are in a sequence like…oo1, 002, 003, etc.  Any suggestions?  Should something be done on the camera or the card itself?  THANKS.

  • Try a different transfer method. If you’re using a card reader, try the cable that came with your digital camera, or visa versa. You may not be able to use the card unless you format it. But just because a card is formatted doesn’t mean you can’t recover some of the images. It could be a few, or many of them. Know, though, that there is no guarantee.

    There are free programs to recover images such as those listed here. Purchased programs may do a better job such as recovering video files (some free programs only recover jpegs). Check the information at a developers website.

    Call the memory card or camera company for advice if you can’t recover them with software.

  • I have Sony Cyber shot DSC-S 950. When i am trying to transfer the pictures, it tells to format. What do i do to take the pictures first and then do a format. i dont want to loose the pictures. they are so important.

  • Joslyn, Unfortunately, you’ve tried everything I’d recommend. Somehow, your memory card apparently has been corrupted. The best thing to do at this point is call the memory card company. They can determine if your card is beyond repair, or if it needs replacement.

  • Hi there,

    I have been trying to recover/format my SDHC memory card for my boyfriend’s camera.
    Out of the blue the camera started giving me an error when loading pictures onto my computer using the internal card reader (though it does normally read SD, SDHC cards) which I just ignored. After that, I put the card back into his camera (and tried it in mine; both cameras are Canons) and it is saying “memory card locked!”. The switch on the side is NOT in the “lock” position – I have checked many times!
    I have tried reading the card in both cameras and get the same error message; I have inserted the card again into the internal card reader and absolutely nothing comes up, and when I use the USB connection it gives me the dialogue box of what program I want to use to open the drive, but when I open Picassa or Camera and Fax Wizard, the drive shows up as completely empty and I cannot do anything with it. The cameras and card readers are fine, as my SD card has no problem.

    When I use downloaded drive restore programs and turn on the camera to read the card via USB connection, there is no option for me to choose it as a removable drive; the only drive that shows up is my harddrive of my computer; the card is non-existent.

    Is there anything I can do about this? Thank you.

  • As another point about Mac’s and memory cards. After downloading all images onto your computer, and checking carefully that your pics really are in a folder on your computer, you will probably have one or more Mac special folders on the card. These are named “.trashes”, “..trashes”, etc. Even though you took the pics off the card, the database information remains on the card, taking up GB’s. That is why you need to reformat your card each time you shoot a new round of pics. Removing the “.trashes” folders, after assuring that you can open your pics on the computer and removing the card, does not cause any problem, in general.

  • What kind of memory card are you using? Is it compatible with your camera? For example, not all cameras take Secure Digital High Capacity Memory cards, which have a storage capacity of more than 2GB. Check the camera manual specifications for the maxim capacity your camera can handle. If you’re using a built-in card reader in an older computer, it may not accept SDHC cards either. If this is the problem, you’ll have to get a smaller capacity memory card.

  • So I tried formatting my card on my camera but it says card cannot be formatted and that I need to change my card. When I try to format it on my computer, the card doesn’t even connect on my computer. Like, my computer won’t even read it. Help?

  • You may have inadvertently deleted some images. Try formatting the memory card; if that doesn’t work, try another memory card. If neither solves the problem, contact Kodak tech support.

  • ok i have a kodak camera and it had a lot of pics in it and one day i tried to take pictures nd it said my memory i full so i went back to delete some there was only 2 pics and when i took the memory card out it said the same thing and had the same 2 can i fix it?
    please help i love my camera!!

  • Danielle, how do you transfer the images from the camera to your computer? with a memory card reader? the cable that came with your camera? by clicking and dragging images from the sd card to your hard drive?

    Have you tried using a different memory card?

    You should call the camera manufacturer for tech support. Hope I’m wrong but, unless there is something wrong with the memory card or the way you transfer the images, it sounds like a faulty camera.

  • Please can I have some help. My camera is fairly new, a simple digital, and seems to be selective in the photos it lets me save onto my laptop.
    After taking photos, I load them onto my laptop and save them, but sometimes, an icon will appear and say file formatting has not worked, and it won’t let me take the photos off my camera, so they become “useless” as I can do nothing with them. It has become very frustrating as I got home after a night out and the camera did this with every single photo I had! Other times it does it with only one photo. It’s so unreliable and even when I reformat both the card and the camera the same thing happens. Nothing in the instructions helps either

  • monique, Formatting deletes all images from a memory card and recreates the file system including new directories and folders where images are saved on the card. It’s somewhat like doing a fresh install of a computer operating system. However some images may remain on the card and some can be recovered using a photo recovery program (paid versions are usually more comprehensive, but free programs like Recuva and Zar can be useful. There are links to the two programs here >>.

    Just know that, once you format, you may not be able to recover the images.

    So before formatting, try these things: use the cable that came with the camera to transfer images to your computer; use a friend or family member’s memory card reader; carefully clean the contacts of the memory card with a soft dry cloth. I usually apply light moisture from my breath on the cloth.

    If none of these suggestions work, contact the memory card maker technical support before formatting.

  • i dont understand what formatting is… i want to keep all my pictures, its not letting me see my pictures. it just says ‘ memory card requires formatting’
    if i click ok it says it will delete everything on my memory card.
    please help me. i want to keep all my pictures.

  • Hi, I have a Sandisk 8GB card and have used it in my Nikon D5000 a few times in the last 2 month off owning it. Its worked fine to transfer to my computor but now when i slot it in it tells me i need to format it, Ive re-formatted the card in my camera but my computor still says i need to format it when i slot it in. I have not formatted in the computor yet as im not sure if it will mess it up completely, any ideas ? steve

  • Have you tested with another memory card to try to repeat the problem?  This can help you determine if problem is the camera or card.


    If you suspect it’s the card, first copy the images to your hard drive and then give the card a low level format. A low level format deletes all images on the card and recreates new directories and folders on it.


    Through the years, we’ve had thousands of inquiries about memory card problems both in the commenting section and our previous forum. I’ve never heard of one like you are experiencing. I think the best route is to call the memory card company and then, if necessary, Canon.


    If you have time, please take a few minutes to let us know if you find a solution.

  • Gail, these pictures are first missing from the camera, well before I put the memory card in my hard drive.

  • Correction: That should be “Delete images on memory card after download is complete,” not “Select” as I previously posted in error. I’ve corrected the word in my original reply.

  • Tom, are you using Canon’s ZoomBrowser to download your images to your computer? If so, when you load a memory card into a card reader, two windows open. Check the Preferences settings in the smaller window. Under “Other Settings” make sure “Delete images on memory card after download is complete” is UNCHECKED.

  • I purchased a Canon TS2 last month and have been taking photos of my sons football games.  First couple of games everything was fine with the camera and memory card but the last two events I am losing half the pictures off the memory card (16GB).  The pictures were there because I go back during the event to look at them then I continue to take pictures and then after awhile many of the first pictures that I had taken are no longer on the memory card.  I see that I also get a message on one of the photos saying “image cannot be reviewed”.  Memory card is brand new.

  • I fix my problem with memory card approximately a month ago or more. I manage to found cable for my digicam and somehow transfering photos works on my cousin’s pc. After that I formmated memory card and it works perfectly since that. This article was very helpfull. Thank you Gail Bjork and thanks to others who participate in the comments.

  • You probably have to get a new memory card reader. Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards are not backwards compatible to card readers that only accept the standard SD format (2GB and below). A SD memory card reader can not read SDHC cards. However, a SDHC card reader can read both SD and SDHC memory cards. When buying a memory card reader, make sure it takes SDHC cards.

  • I have just purchased a new Panasonic DMC = ZS7 Camera. With it I received a SDHC Memory Card. I have now tried to transfer some the few photos taken to Picasa from my card reader but nothing  happens. I had a Canon before and had no trouble with that card. Please help.

  • Bob, you can download photos from the memory card to the computer with the USB cable that came with the camera. It will consume battery power, however. Your computer or laptop may have a built-in card reader. If it’s an older computer, the memory card slot may not accept large capacity cards. The other option, of course, is to use a dedicated memory card reader.

    You s95 manual specifications list the types of memory cards the camera uses. The s95 is faster than the s90, though it’s not a speed demon. I recommend a Class 6 Secure Digital High Capacity card such as those made by Lexar, Sandisk and Transcend.

  • Try to copy the photos from the memory card onto the computer via the card reader by selecting, clicking and dragging files to the desktop. If that is successful, format the card in the camera, not the computer, and hopefully the memory card should work again. If not, call tech support. I highly recommend you keep the card dedicated for camera use and not mix files on it from other devices.

  • Hello. I have a Canon S95 on order. I’m new to digital photography. Do I need to buy a card reader or can I download to the computer (which runs on Windows 7 64 bit) without one? Is there any benefit to using a card reader? Which memory cards would give best quality results?
    Thank you.

  • Hi, my friend sent me an SD card and it only has files that should be viewed on the computer, it doesn’t have pictures. Every time I try to look at the files, it tells me that I have to format it, which I don’t want before backing up the files. Any tips on how to back up those files?

  • If the photos are very important to you, I suggest you call Kingston tech support. If you are told to format the memory card you may still be able to recover some files with a photo recovery program.

  • hey i have canon SD 850 and the memory card is kingston 2 GB. My friend inserted the memory card in her memory slot due to which it got infected and i without thinking deleted the infected files. Now i can view the pics in my camera but there is no file from which they can be transferred onto my pc! is there any way to save my pics?

  • lisa, the only thing I can think to do is format the card in your camera, NOT via your computer. If that doesn’t work, it’s best to call the memory card manufacturer. Btw, here are the main reasons memory cards become corrupted.

  • If I’m uploading to a mac, and want to delete my pictures after I’m  done I move them to the recycling bin then empty it.  However, Some times I forget to empty it with the card still in my computer, and at a later date empty my trash.  Now I’ve lost memory space on my card and I have no clue how to regain it back.

  • If your camera can do a low level format, try it. Also try formatting the card in a friend’s digital camera. If these don’t work either, call the company that manufactured your card for technical support.

  • my computer wont read my card anymore, it tells me i must format it, i have done so via my camera and didn’t resolve the problem, so i tried to do it via my computer and it says it can not do it.
    I can use it without other problems on my other computer. is there anything i can do to fix this?

  • Your best bet is to use a memory card reader. However, if you follow the download instructions carefully when you plug in the cable, you should have no problems. Occasionally, software can’t read the files from another camera but generally it is not a problem. I’ve downloaded images taken with other cameras with ZoomBrowser, the software that comes with the 500D and other Canon cameras, and it worked fine.

  • Hey, i lost the cable for my sony camera. Is it possible for me to take out the memory card and put it into another camera(DSLR Canon 500D) to transfer pictures ONLY? Im very afraid that the memory card will get reformatted automatically or lost some files when i put it into the dslr camera. Help? Thx in advance.

  • garen, two possibilities that I can think of. If you’re using an SD card, make sure it is not locked (SD cards have a small switch on one side). Another possibility is that you have an older camera and the memory card you’re using is not compatible with it. For example, Secure Digital High Capacity cards may not be compatible with older cameras, computer memory card slots or memory card readers. Check the specifications in your camera manual for the types of cards your camera accepts, and the maximum limits of the cards (eg. 2 GB or less).

  • i tryed 2 brand new memory cards in my camera they both say must be formatted,when i try to format it says cant read,i put both in pc and ame thing happened,i put the original in and out of camera no problem,what am i doing wrong,please help me out ,,,lol,,,,,

  • monica, glad you got it worked out. The safest way to delete photos from a memory card is through the camera. You can delete them individually, or mark those as protected for those you want to keep. Protected photos won’t get erased when you erase your memory card (it’s important to note that if you format the card, even protected images will be gone, so make sure you use the erase function).

    You may also be able to delete images via the software that came with your camera. Check the software guide that came it. It is not advisable to delete images from the card with a computer mouse or equivalent.

  • ok … just managed to format it somehow. did the trick. YAY!! Wouldnt even have known what format is without the above ^^^  : )

  • I have a samsung p1000 …. 10.2 mpx with a 2gb memory card.
    I have just deleted all my photos from the memory card yet my camera is only showing space for approx 49 new photos?? even though there are no photos on my camera or card when connected to my laptop. Im completely stumped as this doesn’t normally happen …. i should now have 2000+ spaces??
    Any help please

  • Yes, Molly, there is another way. When you insert a memory card, two ZoomBrowser Windows typically open automatically as images download from the memory card to your computer. I’m assuming this happens when you insert a memory card. On the smaller window, click the Preferences button. Click on the first dropdown menu [Images to Download] and Select “New images.” This way, only new images on a memory card will be downloaded; not ones that were previously download.

    Peek around the Preferences window for other options you may also like to tweak.

  • i have a canon 550D camera and when i upload my photos i haven’t erased them so the secons time i went to upload, thinking on the newly taken photos would upload, it uploaded ALL the photos again, new and old. how do stop this? or do i have to delete them off the camera? there must be another way…

  • My apologies, sovetskii52. I inadvertently researched the wrong Panasonic model number. Glad everything is fine.
    I actually looked at the FZ35 today. Nice camera. If you care to share, let us know what the problem was so others may benefit from the information.

  • The manual says to make sure that it has the “SDHC” logo on the card. I figured out the problem on my own though. Everything is fine.

  • Your camera does not take SDHC, it only takes SD/MMC cards. You’ll have to get a smaller capacity card, per your camera specifications.

  • I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 digital DSLR camera. I have a transcend SDHC class 6 4GB  memory card. When i turn on the camera, the 1st thing i see is a message which says: “This card is not formatted with this camera. It is not suitable for video recording.” I looked at the camera accessory system in the manual, the card i have is not on the list. Is the card not compatible with the camera, or do i have to format it somehow?

  • Bighead, your camera works without the card because of the internal memory, and will do so until the memory is full. Your camera only accepts SD/MMC cards, not Secure Digital High Capacity cards. Check the manual for the maximum card side it can use.

  • I have a Pentax Optio S55 with a brand new Lexar 16GB SDHC multi-use memory card.  When I turn on the camera with the memory card in it, memory card error appears on the screen.  However, when I remove the card from the camera and turn the camera on, it operates normally.  I’ve tried formatting the card while it was in the camera, but to no avail.  Is there anything else I can try or do I have a faulty memory card??

  • You probably have no choice but to format the card in the camera, though you should call the Samsung tech support to see what they suggest. If you have no choice but to format the card, you may still be able to recover all or some of the images. Here’s some information about photo recovery.

  • I have a samsung s860 with a kodak sd card. got home from a trip last night and was looking through pics just fine…put the card in my computer this morning and everythihng appeared fine…was looking through one folder when it froze on me so i closed it out and went to open the other folder on the card and nothing happened. i took the card out and put it back in and it said card error…needs reformatting! is there anyway to save the pictures on my card?

  • If by “big” you mean card capacity, you may have purchased a memory card that is not compatible with your digital camera. Check the camera specifications about the maximum memory card capacity your camera accepts. It’s best not to format the card via your computer. Format them in the camera. If the card capacity is not the problem, contact Sony. Some of those picture frames are quite tricky to figure out.

  • I am a complete novice when it comes to trying to work memory cards out, so apologies.  My current problem is this.  I have a Sony pic frame that I’m trying to put photos onto.  The standard size card is too big for the camera so I can’t format it on that.  The Belkin media reader I am using is unable to format the card.  I have tried right clicking on the drive to format it but nothing comes up.  What do I do next? Thx

  • thank you gail for your advice, i just did not want to go out and buy a new camera if it was something simple that could be fixed. thanks for your time

  • lyndsay, your camera may very well need a repair but the only way you’ll know for sure is to contact Samsung tech support. If they suggest repair weigh the cost vs buying a new camera. Many digital cameras have dropped in price during the past three years; plus you’d have a new and longer warranty. As a Samsung customer, they may offer you a special discount on a replacement camera. Also consider a refurbished camera.

  • hi, i have a samsung p800 i have had for around 3years but recently when i look back through my pictures it gets stuck on some, after about 30 seconds it says ‘file error’ and when i put the pictures onto my laptop these can not been seen on there either. thinking it was my sd card i have bought a new one which is the right one for my camera. i put my recent holiday pictures on my new sd card so i could show people, but now i can only see 5 of the pictures the rest read file error. when i connect it to my laptop all the pictures are there? i am confused. i don’t want to carry on using the camera in fear of loosing some of the pictures i take. do i need a new camera?

  • Software programs like SandDisk’s RescuePRO have a wipe media feature. But you can also permanently delete photos by by formatting the card and randomly shooting images until the card is filled again. We have more information about it here.

  • I have a Kodak EasyShare C813 camera and a 4g SDHC.  They work great.  My only problem is this:  I deleted some photos on my memory card.  And when I look at it on my camera and on the computer, those photos do not show up.  However, today, when I went to Kinkos to print out some pictures I wanted, those photos were shown on it’s display.  Again, I checked it on the camera and on the computer but I do not find these pictures.  How can I find them and delete them?  I have checked every folder (only 2 and one is empty) and have yet to find them, I really don’t want those pictures.  LOL

  • It’s not a good idea to format a memory card that you use in your camera via the computer. Try formatting the card in the camera. If that doesn’t work, contact the camera manufacturer or memory card company. Here are more causes of memory card corruption.

  • Hi, I formatted my memory card using the computer, now when I insert it back to my camera my camera just wont work anymore. Its turning on but the screen is black. Any solutions about this?

  • A few questions and suggestions things to try:

    Did you install the driver and software that came on the CD with the camera? If not, do so. The software is meant to begin the download process when the card is put into the memory card slot.

    Try transferring the images using the USB cable or dock that came with the camera, rather than a card reader. If that works, once the images are transferred, format the card.

    You shouldn’t need to do a virus scan of the memory card you use with the camera. Hopefully, you have a dedicated card, and don’t mix files on it.

    If you don’t have these accessories, or nothing works successfully, I highly recommend you contact Kodak tech support. They can provide advice and any accessories you may need.

    Transferring to the internal memory is certainly a viable option but, as you point out, it’s a tedious process. Still it’s better than losing your photos.

  • I have KodakEasyShare C913 and I use 2 GB SD card.  When the card is in camera it works normally and I can see the pictures. The problem is when I put the card into PC; it recognize the card, but it doesn’t show the pictures. Also, when I scan the card with antivirus, it show me that it scan 179 objects which is the number of photos on the card and which proved that there are pictures. But, still I can’t see them on the PC.
    I’ve tried the card on other PC’s, but it doesn’t work. I suppose that I could fix it just formating the card, but there are many photos that I would like to keep. Maybe I could save all the pictures moving them from card to internal memory of the camera, which have space for approximately 7 photos, and then coping them to the PC via USB cable!? The problem is that I don’t have appropriate cable. I’ve looked in some shops with PC equipment in my town, but I could not find the cable for C913.
    I would appreciate any suggestion which could help me to transfare pictures to PC?

  • Thank you for the article reference, but you misunderstand. I didn’t want those videos to be recovered, hence why I deleted them off the camera and never tried to upload them onto my hard drive. What I want to know is that once they are deleted off the memory card, is there still any sort of possibility that the deleted files would be transferred onto my computer anyway? Is it the kind of deal where once they’re deleted off the memory card, formatted/overwritten or not, they don’t have a shot at accidentally showing up in some computer file like a bad surprise? Sorry to be a bother! Thanks again.

  • Missy, with the time that’s passed and the likelihood that you’ve taken a lot of photos on the memory card, you probably can not recover the videos. But there is no harm in trying. See this article. If you have windows, do a search for videos to see if they are somewhere on your hard drive.

  • Hello. I thought I commented on this website a few days ago, but it must’ve not gone through. Anyway, my original comment consisted of this: I had a HP Photosmart 733 3.2 Megapixel Digital Camera [3x Optical/3x Digital Zoom] that I used to take some videos with a few years ago, and I decided to delete them off of the SD memory card. I can’t recall if I did an overwrite or formatted the card afterwards, but I know I at least deleted the files. Now, my question is that even if I deleted the files, was there any chance that they could still have been transferred to my computer during an upload process for images/videos I didn’t delete? Can deleted video/image files even do that?

  • Check the specifications in the manual that came with the camera. My guess is that your camera doesn’t take Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards. If not, get a SD card that is 2GB o less.

  • Hi,

    I have a 8GB SDHC card that I bought for my daughter’s Vtech kidizoom plus camera.  I’ve gotten to to work but in the process of formatting it, I can no longer get it to successfully format the card or ‘accept’ the card.  I’ve tried formatting it on my MAC and on my canon camera, and while it can see that there is free space on the card, when I try to format it on the camera, I get ‘format error’ and it won’t format the drive.  Both the MAC and the canon accept the card and can read to/from the card….

    Any help most apprecaited!


  • Angelica – There are a few things you can try. If nothing works, contact the memory card manufacturere.

    Check for dust by wiping the metal receptors on the card. Make sure you use a dry cloth.

    Format the card a few more times, however take it out of the camera each time and reinsert it before each new format.

    Try using a memory card reader, if you’re not. If you are, try the USB cable that came with the camera.

  • i accidently clicked format on my memory card and now it wont work at all. if i put it in my camera i can use it and it will save my pics but as soon as i try to upload them to my computer, it says memory card error =[

  • When viewing the images in ZoomBrowser, the software that came with your camera, an icon (red key) will appear on the images you protected. In ZoomBrowser, right-click the image. In the drop-down menu, there should be a checkmark next to the word “Protect.” Uncheck it. You can do this for multiple photos if you select them. I do not know why your card is not showing any images. Since you’ve already transferred them to your computer, do a low level format. If that doesn’t work, contact Canon tech support.

  • Hello guys I need help! I have a bunch of pictures on my memory card that I protect so they wouldnt get erased by mistake (it happened before). Now I am trying to rotate the pictures on my computer but because is protected I can’t do anything. When I insert the memory card (optima sd 2gb) on my camera (canonsd790 is) it says that the card is full but it does not show me any of the pictures or an option to delete them. I do not want to get rid of those pictures, just want to change them! PLEASE HELP!

  • Linda, your camera is compatible with the following cards: SD/SDHC Memory Card, MultiMediaCard, MMC Plus Card, HC MMC Plus Card. By way of information, the type of card is listed in the specifications found in the camera manual.

  • I just bought a Canon PowerShotSD 780 IS digital elph and ordered a 4 gb memory card.  Is it compatible with this camera?

  • I just want to make clear that formatting the card will not influence the numbering sequence. As stated above, it’s a camera setting and software setting.

  • Angela, check your camera menus. There is usually a setting that determines how photos are numbered. Look for “continuous” or something similar. Also check the settings for the software that you use to download images. Most give you options as to the folder set up: eg. by month, by month and date, etc. Hope either or both of these work.

  • I have a Nikon D5000.  I am using a 4GB San Disk Extreme III memory card.
    I take, on average, of over 2,500 pictures per month.  My problem is that every time I clear the memory card, the picture numbers reset.  So, every 637 pictures, I have to make a new folder to hold the new pictures.  My “folder system” on my computer used to hold pictures by the month.  Now, each month has multiple folders because the picture number constantly reset to 1 each time the card is cleared.
    I’ve searched all over the internet and cannot find an answer to this: How do I reformat the card so that the numbers keep climbing?  I used to have a Sony Cybershot and no matter how many times the card was cleared, the numbers picked up where they left off.  Can I do that with this card?
    Thank you for your time.

  • Wendy. Try formatting your memory card in the camera. I don’t usually scan my memory card for viruses. Maybe you can exclude that from the scan (unless you copy photos taken by others onto the memory card).

  • i own a nikon coolpix s230. one day  i  opened the memory card on the computer without first scanning for viruses and  my anti-virus found a few. i took care of it but after that the memory card reads empty in the computer (although when i right-click and choose properties i see that it has some used space). however, if i put the memory card in the camera and connect it via the usb to the computer i can open up the folder, see and even import my pictures. what do i need to do to make the memory card read in the computer on its own. Wendie

  • Thanks Gail,
    I’ll have to have the salesman destroy it,  as it is faulty and there is no way to overwrite the images.
    Otherwise I would have run a very long movie with the lens cap on.
    But,  heck,  if I could do that it wouldn’t be faulty and I wouldn’t be returning it.  =)
    Thanks again for your help.

  • Here is some information about permanently delete images from a memory card. Once when I had a faulty memory card and returned it, I had the salesman destroy the card in front of me before I left the store.

  • Hello Gail,
    I have an sd card that cannot be read by my computer,  or card reader
    (except when using ZAR).

    I would like to return it to the place of purchase, but before I do I would like to have all data gone forever. How do I do that?
    Your help is appreciated,  thank you.

  • Hi there,
    I just used ZAR to recover 900mg worth of images.
    Pros:   It works.  It’s free.  Has a help forum.
    Cons:   Takes a while, took me 5-6 hours.  Videos recovered as stills.
    Overall, very satisfied with this software.


  • Ricky, it depends on the size and quality settings for your images. The higher the resolution, the less images fit on a card. This chart can give you some idea of what to expect.

  • I was just wondering how much pictures could i get on a 256MB Kodak XD Picture Card.

  • Mia, first check the tab on the side of the memory card. SD cards have a lock. If it’s locked, slide the tab to unlock. The only other things I can think to do are to try to format the card via the software that came with the camera. If the SD card is recognized by your memory card reader, try a program such as Image Recall. There are some free image recovery programs listed here. If these don’t work, contact the memory card company.

  • I did all this and my sd card still says ‘memory card full’  What do I do??

  • Mark, if you read the article correctly, nowhere does it state that formatting increases speed!!! It says that a low-level format can improve performance by ensuring “smooth continuous shooting at a constant interval.” Those are words quoted directly from Canon digital camera manuals. If you have an issue with this, take it up with Canon. As to the alleged incorrect translation of “low-level,” take that up with Canon too. Articles of a general nature appearing at this site do not have a signature. If someone has a question, we reply. If someone points out a legitimate error, we promptly correct it. The same information about formatting is readily available elsewhere. Do a Google search.

  • What a load of bollocks. You really should learn something about how file systems and flash memory work before publishing this nonsense.
    “formatting improves the overall performance of a card.”
    There is no difference between a quick format and simply erasing all files and folders on the card.
    “A low-level format of a high speed memory card helps ensure smooth continuous shooting at a constant interval.”
    First, memory chips cannot be low-level formatted (some cameras have that option in the menu because it was incorrectly translated from Japanese – it actually should read “full format”). And second, memory chips have a fixed access time, doesn’t matter how they are formatted. A full format can indeed identify and mark bad sectors (which a quick format cannot), but that has nothing to do with speed.
    No wonder the article isn’t even signed.

  • Esther, your digital camera only takes SD cards up to one gigabyte. If your card has more capacity than 1 gb, it’s incompatible. Otherwise, the card may be damaged or there is a problem with the camera. To test if there is a problem with the camera, take photos using the built-in memory, which may have to be erased if there are already images on the card. Refer to your camera manual.

  • Is the erase function also blanked out? If not, try erasing the card. If you haven’t tried already, reset the camera using the reset menu. Also try keeping the battery out for about an hour. You’ll have to reset some settings such as time. The problem, however, does sound like a faulty camera so you should call Canon. Depending on when you purchased it, your camera may still be on warranty. Or, if you charged the full purchase of the camera on a credit card, you may have a free extended warranty from the credit card company.

  • im having memory card error and the format option in my canon ixus 100is/sd780 camera cannot be selected/highligted thus i cannot format my card in the camera…help pls…thank in advance

  • Jacob, Please read through the comments above to see if any of the information is helpful. If not, our advice remains the same: call the card and/or camera manufacturer for technical assistance. Or call a professional photo recovery company. Hope you’re able to access your photos.

  • NEED HELP! i have 200 pictures that are irreplaceable and my camera says card not formatted, format card with this camera. ive tried putting the card in a reader in my mac but it doesnt show up.
    is there anything i can do? programs? i need these pictures

  • Good afternoon.Sure could use some help here.I have a kodak Easy share camera.Bought a Kodak Memory card and put it in.Keeps saying it is full.I try to format it keeps coming up Filesy’s Error eoo1oo…I go back and try it agian and again the same message.Sure would appreciate  help…Diana

  • Some of my favorite photos ever were taken with a 1.4 MP camera, so what I’m about to say has nothing to do with the quality of photos your camera  takes, but the age of the camera relative to memory cards.

    My guess is that a 4 gb card exceeds the capabilities of your camera. To confirm this, check the specifications in the camera manual. If the maximum capacity card is 1 Gig, try to find a new one online at a place like out Amazon store.

    When you get a new one, please make sure you actually format a new card IN THE CAMERA before using it. That’s format, not simply erase.

  • I’ve translated your inquiry using Google translate and hope it did a good job. If not, let us know. I understand that you downloaded photos to your commuter, deleted them from the card and now can not take photos. Without more details, the only thing I can suggest is to format the card.

    Our digital photography forum has a lot of information about XD picture cards about the problems and solutions some have had with them. Registration at the forum is quick, easy and free, so consider signing up. To find the many posts on this subject, use the forum SEARCH field by typing in the word XD memory card or XD picture card.

  • tengo una camara olympus y x 785 ,el problema es q baje mis fotos de la memoria a mi computadora y luego elimine las d ela memoria y ahora q quiero tomar nuevamente fotos no las guarda,aparece esta frase xD sin imagenes  que puedo hacer?

  • Without seeing your photos, it’s hard to tell precisely. It could be caused by any one of the following: camera shake, too slow shutter speed, or not wide enough depth of field. Also make sure Image Stabilization is turned on for the camera, and that the switch on your lens is set to autofocus. I keep my 450D (XSi) set to auto ISO. To help prevent blur, shutter speed should be set faster than the focal length. If you have some photos online, post a link in our forum and we’ll be able to provide more meaningful feedback. Also, check out my Canon XSi/450D blog for lots of helpful tips about using the camera and lenses.

  • i just brought a cannon eos 450d. the thing is i always get a blurry pictures everytime i take pictures. im new to this dslr cameras. any advice for me?

  • The software program that came with you camera may let you download only new photos and/or delete individual photos. Check the help files and preference settings. If not, try a program like Picasa (free). It will not download photos that have already been downloaded.

    If you have more photos that you want to keep on your memory card than delete, use the “protect” feature in Playback mode. Then use the ERASE function and all but protected images will be deleted. Make sure to ERASE, not FORMAT.

  • I would like to know if its possible to delete images from the memory card- not using the camera ie computer etc. The reason being each time I download newly taken pics the whole memory card (680images) is transfered to the computer making it time consuming to deselect unwants shots.  Another issue is that there are a number of images on the card that I would like to delete, but as my camera (pentax 200d) works by nonrechargable batteries the camera will use quite a lot of battery power in the time taken to scroll through all the card.
    thanks tom p

  • candii, it sounds like your memory card may be corrupted. Try formatting it in another camera if possible. Also, if you have another memory card, try formatting it in m30 to test that it’s not a camera problem. If none of these work, call tech support.

  • everytime i insert my memory card into my camara it say’s that i need to format it.. so i did soo and it keep saying that.. what should i do to get it to work?
    its an micro SD memory card and my camara is pentax optio m30. ive been using this memory card on this camara already and it never did something like this.  

  • In looking at the specifications for your camera it seems it only take a maximum 256MB memory card.

    Check your camera manual or the online user guide:

    Item 7-Appendix > Storage capacities

    Do not try to format your card via the computer. You most likely just need a smaller capacity memory card.

  • i have a kodak easyshare cw330 and recently got a new 2gb sd pny memory card and it won’t let me format it and it says memory full but i put it in my computer to look at the files and theyres nothing on the card.

    what do i do?

  • Try transferring the images from the camera to your computer via the cable that was supplied with the camera. If that doesn’t work, post more complete information in our forum so we get a better feel for your situation and can respond accordingly.

  • I need to upload photos from my camera to my pc but i can not access the memory card as it needs to be formatted. Is there anyway i can save the images i need before i format?

  • Sorry to hear that Kate! Thank you for the information about ArtPlus. It used to be free. Bummer. I’ll remove it from the list and see if I can find something else.

  • I did the same thing as Candy and wiped all my photos on the card, the Art Plus isn’t free it is 19.95, are there any online sites or walk through tutorials that tell you how you may get them back? I am in New Zealand so any one who can think of companies who can help would be great!

  • Rick, your camera is not compatible with a Secure Digital High Capacity Memory card. I believe the largest memory card for that model is 2 GB. Check specifications in the manual to make sure.

  • Hi i got a Kodak easy share z 740 i got a 16 gig memory card and when it is in my camera it says it needs reformatted so i go through the motions it does nothing.and when i put it in my other camera it locks it up it will not do nothing.i was wondering  if their is some way i could do it manually or some other way.THANKS for the help RICK

  • According to the Kodak site, DX-series cameras accept SD and MMC Cards, not Secure Digitial High Capacity cards. 4 Gig cards are SDHC. You may have to get a different, lower capacity card. Check with Kodak tech support to be sure.

  • Hi, I have pought 4 Maxim 4gig SD cards, I have a Kodak 6490 and the camera won’t let me format the cards, any ideas please.

  • There are programs to recover images that have been removed from a memory card. Here is a tutorial. Some programs are free, others must be bought. Art Plus has a free recovery program. There are other useful, free digital photography related programs listed on the page too.

  • I was playing with my camera and i was in the format option when i went to cancel out of it(because i didn’t want to format yet) it clicked ok to format.  Is there anyway of getting my pictures back?

  • The number one problem brought to our attention at our Q&A forum, in comments and via email relate to memory card problems. Always format a card, including a brand new one (before using the first time), in your camera (not computer); make sure the one you purchase is compatible with your model, especially if it is an older model. And do learn about the causes of memory card corruption before they occur!

  • Spencer, I believe the  4GB card may be beyond the capacity and/or speed of your Coolpix 5700.  I owned the Coolpix 5400, which came out around the same time as the 5700.  24x and 24xWA were the highest speed cards recommended by Nikon for the camera and I suspect it may be the same for yours. Check your manual specifications or contact Nikon to verify if your new card is incompatible with the 5700.

  • Hi i bought a new 4gb lexar platinum II 80x compact flash card for my nikon ED coolpix 5700 and the camera says out of memory and no images are on it. Please help

  • Formatting a memory card in a computer that is to be used in a digital camera is not generally recommended. Try formatting it in your camera. Also try plugging the card reader into a different USB port. Your memory card is probably not damaged, but if formatting the card in the camera doesn’t work, call tech support (in this order) for the card, reader and/or camera. Here is some information about causes of memory card problems.

  • I recently got a new card reader, because a USB cable was much more difficult to get ahold of for my camera (Casio Exilm 8.1)

    I went to my computer/removable disk and although it recognized it, it says I must format the card to the computer. After trying to do so, it responds that the card can not be read. It is brand new, and has no possibility of damage. Any Advice?

  • What camera do you have…only some cameras have the ability to do

    that kind of in-camera editing. On the other hand, the vast

    majority of image editing programs will let you change contrast,

    convert them to black and white or sepia, etc. The software that

    came with your camera may have those abilities. If not, try a free, easy-to-use and effective basic photo editing program such as Picasa.

  • I like to “play” with my pictures such as make them black and white or change contrast, however my camera does not let me. Is it because I didn’t format my memory card?

  • It sounds like you may have your camera in Playback mode. If so, switch to Shooting Mode. Here’s an explanation of both modes. If this is not the problem, please post your questions in our Q&A forum so we can provide additional help. Also provide us with as much information as you can, including camera model.

  • Every time that I switch on my camera it shows protected card across the screen and I am unable to take pictures . What can I do?