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Secure digital high capacity memory cards

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What you must know before buying a Secure Digital High Capacity memory card.

SDHC SymbolSecure Digital High Capacity memory cards have a capacity of more than two gigabytes. Before buying a SDHC card, it’s important to make sure it is compatible with your digital camera and card reader.

Look for the SDHC logo

Not all digital cameras accept SDHC memory cards, so check the manual specifications before buying a SDHC card. If you’re purchasing a new camera and want high capacity for image and video files, look for the SDHC logo on the packaging.

More capacity, not necessarily faster

A SDHC card may not necessarily perform faster than a high speed SD card. But determining the speed of a SDHC card can be easier than SD cards. There are several speed classifications including Class 2 cards run at 2.2MB/s, Class 4 at 4MB/s, Class 6 at 6MB/s and Class 10 at 10 MB/s.

SDHC cards and video

  • Class 2 – SD video recording
  • Class 4 & 6 – HD and Full HD video recording
  • Class 10 – Full HD video recording and HD still consecutive recording
  • UHS Speed Class memory cards have full higher potential for recording real-time broadcasts and capturing large size HD video.

SDHC cards not backwards compatible

Since SDHC cards are not backwards compatible to readers that only accept the standard SD format (2GB and below*), you may have to buy a SDHC compliant memory card reader. A standard SD memory card reader can not read SDHC cards. However, if you have a SDHC card reader, it can read both SD and SDHC memory cards.

When purchasing a memory card reader, look for the official logo on the packaging.

* Note: there are 4 GB standard SD cards but they are very difficult to find if you want to purchase one. More info about memory card capacity.

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  • Thanks for this. Wish I found the article before buying a SDHC card that is incompatible with my camera. Fortunately, I was able to exchange the card.