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Wi-Fi memory cards

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Wirelessly transfer and upload images from your digital camera with a Wi-Fi Secure Digital memory card.

Wireless Secure Digital memory cards let you upload photos and videos directly from your digital camera to a computer. No need to use cables or memory card readers.

Some Wi-Fi memory cards let you upload both photos and video* to photo sharing and social networking sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and YouTube. They are also capable of sending images to a nearby smartphone or tablet.

Once image files have been transferred they are automatically removed from the card, immediately giving you room on the card for more photos.

Wi-Fi cards are made by several memory card companies using Eye-Fi technology. According to the Eye-Fi website, the wireless range for uploading photos and video is listed at 45 feet indoors and 90 feet outdoors under ideal conditions.

Using a Wi-Fi memory card on the go

If you plan to use an Eye-Fi card when you’re on the go, bring extra batteries since this type of card consumes extra battery power. An Eye-Fi card may emit radio waves even if it is disabled in the camera. To prevent unauthorized transmission of radio waves, remove the card in places such as airplanes and hospitals.

Before buying a Wi-Fi card

Before buying a memory card with Wi-Fi, make sure it is compatible with your camera. These cards may not work, or their use even permitted, in every country. It’s important to note that some wi-fi cards may only have the ability to send images to phone OR computer, but not both.

The Eye-Fi website has a widget to check if a wireless card is compatible with your camera and if there are any known issues. Be sure to double check the camera manual for compatibility as well as how to use the card.

Eye-fi camera compatibility widget

*Only cards with a capacity of 4 GB and above can upload videos.

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  • One thing to consider here: is your camera body (or at least its card slot) entirely enclosed in metal? If so, perhaps it will obstruct the radio emission of the card or adapter.
    On the other hand, not many of the modern cameras are metal-clad. But I’d suggest a “try before buy”, just to see what happens.