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LCD protectors

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Screen protectors help protect a digital camera LCD from smudges, scratches and possible damage.

LCD protectorOne of the most vulnerable parts of a compact digital camera is the LCD screen. No matter how careful you are, the LCD is subject to smudging, scratches and possible damage. Every digital camera user should consider getting a protector. It not only helps protect the screen but helps reduce glare and improves contrast.

If your digital camera has no viewfinder, you may benefit from an anti-glare LCD protector.

Types of LCD screen protectors

Film LCD protectors

Film protectors with low tack adhesive come in sheets of clear plastic polymer that must be carefully applied directly on the screen so there are no air bubbles. Film protectors may come with a squeegee, screen cleaner and cloth.

LCD protectors are usually pre-cut to the exact size or “universal” LCD protectors must be trimmed to fit. Some manufacturers will make custom sizes.

Acrylic LCD protectors

Acrylic LCD protectors are more expensive than film but also offer more protection. They are not applied directly to the screen but onto the camera area that surrounds it. Wafer thin pieces of adhesive strips must be applied to the protector prior to attaching to a camera.

Acrylic protectors are thin and barely noticeable once attached. They are thick enough so they don’t flex yet thin enough to not add too much weight or bulk to the camera.

Acrylic protectors are available in various sizes to fit almost any digital camera.

LCD caps and hoods

A LCD cap provides protection for a digital camera LCD screen when in closed position. In the open, flipped up position, the three-sided cap prevents light from hitting the LCD, making it easier to view the screen.


  • Fred, you’ll need contact some manufacturer’s that make LCD protectors. Even if your camera is not listed, they may be familiar with your model and have one that fits. Some companies make custom sizes. Check out the websites of Hoodman, Zagg, NuShield and Purplemoo.

  • My camera is not listed,  do they make an anti-glare protector for a Kodak M381.  What is cost and availability?                                    Thanks,      Fred