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Electric plug adaptors

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

You may need a power converter or plug adapter to use an electrical appliance, such as a digital camera battery charger, in another country.

Plug adapterIf you’re going on an extended trip abroad, make certain you can use your digital camera battery charger while away. Electric voltage standards vary from one country to another.

Though countries with different voltages and frequencies may use similar plugs, verify if you need a power converter not just a plug adapter. Plug adapters simply change the shape of the prongs to match an outlet. They do not convert electricity.

Don’t “fry” your battery charger

If your charger is 110-240 50/60 cycle then a plug adapter is all you need. This information can be found on the back of the charger.

charger cycleIt can’t be emphasized enough that it is important to obtain correct information about which adapter or converter to use. If you use the wrong one, you may “fry” your battery charger. Check your digital camera or battery charger manual for detailed instructions. If you’re still uncertain, contact the camera or battery charger manufacturer.

You can buy adapters for a specific country, though it usually doesn’t cost much more to buy an entire set with adapters for all countries. These items can be purchased online, at luggage and travel stores, some airports and in electronic stores such as Radio Shack.

For more information, check the World Electric Power Guide.