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Remote controls

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

A remote lets you control certain functions of your digital camera without holding it.

Remote controlDigital cameras remote controls are used to release the shutter on a camera rather than the photographer pressing the shutter button. There are two types of digital camera remote controls: cable or wireless systems.

To eliminate camera shake, remotes are used along with a tripod or other camera support.

Basic remote controls have a single button which lets you trigger the shutter at your command. More sophisticated and expensive remotes not only release the shutter but control zoom settings, time-interval shooting, playback and turn the LCD on and off.

Some remotes even include a small, built-in LCD that displays information such as camera mode and the number of frames to be captured.

Digital camera remote controls are especially useful when taking long telephoto and close-up shots, time exposed pictures and when using a bulb setting. Not all compact cameras can be used with remote controls, though most digital single lens reflex cameras can be used with remotes.

Tip: check the battery compartment cover as soon as you receive the remote, even if the remote works. Some covers can be very difficult to slide open. Make sure yours is okay while you have time to return it if necessary.


  • Pentax OPTIO S series have remotes that you can purchase.  They work well with small, compatible cameras.

  • Old Canons and some current high-end Canons came with a free software program Remote Capture that allowed you to zoom, change camera settings, etc.  Incredibly useful!

  • Do an internet search for (Your Camera Name) zoom remote control. You’ll want to make sure the zoom feature works with your camera. Name brand zoom remote controls are expensive, but will work well with your camera and may have additional features that work with it.

  • I’m looking for a remote control that allows you to adjust the zoom feature of the camera, as well as the other normal features.
    Most of the applications allow all the adjustments but the zoom feature.