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Sony RX100 owners: Get a grip!

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Richard Franiec comes to the rescue once again with his custom grip for the Sony RX100, a smallish, slick-surfaced advanced digital camera.

Arguably, the Sony RX100 is one of the most popular high-end compact digital cameras currently on the market. Many camera reviewers, photo enthusiasts and pros believe the the RX100 is the best pocket camera that has ever been offered to date.*

The RX100 has a number of outstanding features, most notably its huge 1″ sensor (huge compared to most small pocket cameras, but not DSLRs). The CMOS sensor, coupled with a fast F1.8 – F4.9, 28-100mm/equivalent zoom lens, offer impressive overall  image quality and clarity. When compared to other cameras close to its light weight and size, the RX100 beats them all for taking quality photos in low light at high ISO numbers.

RX100 not perfect

But the RX100 is not perfect, especially when it comes to comfort and handling. Many are disappointed that this slick-surfaced camera lacks a built-in grip. If you pay $650 for a compact camera (price at the time of this writing), you shouldn’t have to worry that it will inadvertently slip out of your hand.

Why Sony didn’t include even a simple strip-grip, like the one on the Canon S100, is beyond words.

Richard Franiec custom grip for the Sony RX100

Fortunately, Richard Franiec comes to the rescue once again. Richard is known for the quality custom camera accessories he produces, especially his custom grips.

The design of his stylish grips are well-thought out and integrate well with a camera. The grips are 3D CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum before being glass-bead blasted, black-anodized and nickel-sealed for durability.

I own two of Richards grips and can attest to their good looks, quality and the overall ergonomic and handling improvements they add to a camera.

Comfort and security

Richards custom-made Sony RX100 grip gives the photographer something substantial to hold onto, making one-handed shooting of still photos and video both comfortable and secure. The grip is made in such a way that the camera pocketability is not compromised. In fact, pocketability is not reduced at all.

The custom RX100 grip attaches to the camera by 3M VHB clear transfer tape known for ultimate bonding power in wide range of environments. If needed, the tape can be easily removed with dental floss without damage to the finish of either camera or grip.

The grip takes about a minute to apply, only a slightly longer time than it takes for the camera to hit the ground if it falls out of your hand. 😉

For ordering and additional information, visit Richard’s website.

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