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Budgeting for a digital camera

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Digital cameras cost anywhere between a hundred to a few thousand dollars. Before buying, set a realistic budget because you’ll need a few essential accessories too.

Budgeting for a digital camera and accessoriesThough prices have come down in recent years, digital cameras are still considerably more expensive than their 35mm counterparts. Before buying a camera, take time to determine the type and features you really need, or want to grow into. Otherwise, you could very well end up spending more than money than is necessary.

Set a realistic budget and then look at cameras within that price range. Make sure to factor in monies for essential accessories: an set of extra batteries, a memory card and a camera bag or pouch to protect your investment.

Educate yourself before buying a digital camera

The internet makes is easy to educate yourself before buying a digital camera. Buy from a reputable company, even if you have to spend a little more. If prices are too good to be true, they probably are.

By searching the internet, you can find professional and user reviews. Some of the most helpful comments are actually written by non-pro camera users just like you.

Do your homework and it’s more likely that you’ll become the owner of a digital camera that suits your needs, not one pushed by a salesperson who may have incentives to promote a particular brand.

Our Choosing Chart provides insights about the type of features you can expect for the money you’ve budgeted.

Our free Digital Camera Shopping Checklist, which you can print out and bring along when you shop, helps you make a better informed decision.

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