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Why buy a refurbished digital camera?

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Buying a factory refurbished digital camera can save you money. The good news is that refurbished cameras are hardly used or not used at all.

Like newIf you want a digital camera without paying top price, consider a factory refurbished model. Their prices can be substantially lower than the same model purchased brand new.

What is a refurbished camera?

Refurbished cameras are those returned by a purchaser to a store or manufacturer that are retested and recertified, and then resold by the manufacturer. Consumer protection laws prohibit refurbished items from being sold again as new.

In most cases, the returned cameras were unused or hardly used at all.

The warranty

When buying a refurbished digital camera, make sure it is “factory” refurbished. It should have a parts and labor warranty, which can range anywhere from 90 days to up to a full year.

Make sure to ask about such things as warranty length and exactly what it does and does not cover. If you purchase a refurbished camera from a retailer, check who actually provides the warranty: the manufacturer, retailer itself or third party. Get a written copy of the warranty.

Check that all accessories are included

Refurbished models should come with all the supplies and accessories listed on the carton such as wrist strap, USB interface and AV cables, CD-ROM containing software and drivers, and a manual. Some cameras also come with a starter memory card, proprietary battery and charger.

If you’re not sure which accessories should be included, visit the manufacturer’s website and check their information on the exact model.

Refurbished cameras can be purchased online, at a manufacture’s website or at some local camera retail shops.

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