Extended Warranties

Extended warranty options

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Not all extended warranties are created equal. Here’s a look at additional extended warranty coverage options that are offered in some policies.

Extended warranty options

Extended warranties typically have the same coverage terms as the camera  manufacturer. But some warranties are better than others, so take a look at the fine print.

Here is additional coverage you may want when buying  a digital camera extended warranty.

Price drop match

Some extended warranties offer price drop matching. For example , if the warranty has a 30 day price match, and the price of the camera goes down within 30 days, you will be credited the price-difference. You must ask for the credit during the 30 day period. Go to the store on the 31st day and you’ll receive no credit!

No Lemon policy

A good extended warranty has a “no lemon” policy, which allows for the replacement of a digital camera with one of equal value and features if yours can not be repaired.

Cancellation policy & refund

The warranty should have a cancellation clause allowing for a pro-rated refund should you ever wish to cancel the plan.

Transfer of warranty

If you think you may sell your digital camera before the extended warranty ends, make sure the warranty can be transferred to the purchaser of the camera.

Protection beyond manufacturer defect

For some photographers, it may make sense to purchase an extended warranty that provides protection beyond manufacturing defects. They cost more than the others but cover such things as accidental damage to the camera or repair when needed if you’re out of the country.