Minimum Camera Features

Digital camera grip

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

It’s important that digital camera feels well-balanced and comfortable when you hold it. Here’s why you should try before you buy.

Camera GripThere are hundreds of digital cameras to choose from and each has its own unique “feel.”  Before buying, make sure a camera feels right in your hands.

When holding a digital camera, it should be well-balanced. Buttons and dials should be easy to access and well-spaced, with enough room to place fingers so they do not feel cramped.

If you buy a camera with a long telephoto lens, it is especially important that it has a comfortable grip. You need to be able to grip the camera firmly to help minimize camera shake.

Don’t judge a camera grip by its cover

Judging a grip by the way it looks online or in a publication photo can be a mistake. If possible, visit a local camera shop and hold a camera in your hands to accurately determine if you’re happy with its ergonomics. This is particularly important if the camera merchant has a no return policy or charges a restocking fee.