How to Shop for a Digital Camera

Canceling online orders

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Most companies do not process cancellations of online orders made by email. Learn why it’s important to call a company to cancel an order.

phone-operatorIf you need to cancel an order placed online, call the company…do not send an email. Many companies state in their email order confirmation that cancellations can not be handled by email. Individuals who process orders are usually not the same ones reading customer email.

Once an item is entered into the shipping process, it cannot be canceled. It can, however, be returned for a refund. The company should provide all information necessary for a return.

When canceling an order by phone, have the order information and your credit card number ready to expedite the process. Never send credit card information in an email.

Before placing a order online

Before ordering, make sure you understand the company return policy. There may be a restocking fees, especially for electronic items such as digital cameras.

Make sure you really want an item before ordering online.  The return process can be a hassle, time-consuming and costly.