How to Shop for a Digital Camera

Pros & cons of shopping at a camera shop

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

When buying a digital camera, shopping at a local camera shop may be the best all-around deal. But there are a few disadvantages too.

Camera shop windowIf looking for expert help when purchasing a digital camera, particularly first time buyers, consider buying a local camera shop.

You can’t beat the personalized service and help from someone who knows cameras like the back of their hand.

Digital cameras may cost more at a local camera shop but it is often worth it for the service you get in return. A merchant may even lower the price a little if you ask, so don’t be bashful!

Advantages of buying at a local camera shop

  • no waiting, get the camera right away
  • personalized service
  • easier to check reliability and reputation of the merchant
  • hold camera in your hand to get a feel for the ergonomics
  • knowledgeable personnel can help answer questions and are often willing to continue to do so after purchase
  • dealer may handle warranty and repair work
  • usually do not have a restocking charge if you return the camera within a given time

Disadvantages of buying at a local camera shop

  • price for a camera and accessories can be higher
  • merchant may not have a variety of items in stock
  • brands and camera selection may be limited
  • more time and effort to comparison shop
  • pay local sales tax