How to Shop for a Digital Camera

Pros and cons of shopping online

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Shopping online can be a convenient and cost effective way to buy a digital camera and accessories. But do know the disadvantages before clicking that order button.

upsmanThere is no doubt that buying a digital camera online saves money. But before buying, carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Check the reputation of the merchant. Make sure it is an authorized camera dealer. The dealer should have a proven track record and be recognized by others for providing good service.

Advantages of buying a digital camera online

  • comparison shopping between merchants is simply a mouse click away
  • make purchases 24 hours a day
  • prices are often lower
  • many online shopping services have sophisticated software which allows you to compare cameras by category, price, resolution, features, etc.
  • direct delivery to an address of your choice
  • sometimes no sales tax for online purchases
  • some online merchants don’t charge for delivery
  • wide selection of cameras and accessories
  • toll-free numbers for ordering and other inquiries

Disadvantages of buying a digital camera online

  • can’t check the camera ergonomics prior to purchase
  • must wait for delivery of item
  • camera may be gray market
  • product may not be in stock, requiring back ordering
  • possible shipping and insurance charges
  • customer service, if available, may be poor
  • returning a product can be a hassle
  • can be difficult to verify the reliability of a merchant
  • greater risk of being cheated if you are not dealing with a well-established merchant
  • accessories such as memory cards may be counterfeit

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