Cleaning a Digital Camera

Microfiber camera lens cleaning cloth

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

A microfiber cleaning cloth is considered superior for cleaning digital camera lenses and LCDs.

Microfiber lens cleaning clothMany photographers consider a microfiber cloth to be superior for cleaning digital camera lenses and other delicate surfaces.

Microfiber cloths are chemical-free and lift dust and oil from a lens. They are anti-static, non-scratching and will not streak or smear the surface.

Keep the cloth in a plastic baggie or something similar when not in use. This will help keep it from collecting grit or other particles that could scratch the surface of a lens, viewfinder or LCD.

Before cleaning a lens

Prior to cleaning the camera lens, make sure that neither the cloth nor the lens has particles on them. Give the cloth a good shake before wiping the lens. Use a blower, lens pen or brush especially made to for camera cleaning to remove loose particles. If you don’t have either of these accessories, gently blow on the lens with your breath.

Correct use of lens fluid

For normal smears and smudges, it is not necessary to use a lens cleaning fluid on the cloth. If you must use a liquid, place a few drops on the cloth and not directly on the lens. This method prevents the liquid from seeping into the lens, whicn may cause internal fog…something you definately want to avoid!


  • Good review but where do you purchase them  I had 3   9 x 11 clothes from Canon but have misplaced two.  I need a couple more and can only find the little one.  Do you know where I can purchase the big ones.  Bob

  • Wash a microfiber cloth in a mild solution of laundry soap and water. Spot clean if necessary and then let it soak if very dirty. Wring the soapy water out of the cloth and rinse it in cold running water. Let the cloth thoroughly air dry before using again. It’s better to hang a cloth to dry. Machine drying will shrink it.